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December 9, 2008
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I've been plagued with dropped frames since switching to MP 1.0 and the latest StreamedMP version. Up until this I wasn't having any drama. But I've been getting dropped frames watching simple Xvids with FFDShow, which is set to drop frames on delay of 1500ms.

I noticed earlier that when I switched back and fourth from the menu to full screen video the background images continued to rotate. Now I have quite a few different images for movies and TV for a bit of variety. Now I see it's the cause for my problems. As soon as I removed all the background images and left the menu gutted with nothing to do the dropped frames stopped.

So I'm wondering if it's even possible future versions can be modified to stop the image rotated when not actually on the main menu. I have a fairly new HTPC so it isn't like my PC is not powerful enough to function as a HTPC device.

EDIT: After more examining the menu system, it's possible it isn't running in the background while media is playing. I can't really be sure, every time I go to the menu to check it's either still running or has restarted it's cycle?


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    It's like the fridge's light, huh? :D

    Rest assured - if fullscreen playback is active then MP isn't rendering anymore.

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