DVB-t EPG not working with AirStar2 in Prague,Czech Republic (1 Viewer)


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December 22, 2004

Anyone could please give me some indication as to what could be wrong with my EPG setup? I am using an AirStar2 (B2C2-based card) in Prague, Czech Republic. TV and radio channels work, autoscan also. I have checked the "Grab EPG" checkbox next to both "Czech" entries in the setup program but still no luck - MediaPortal ignores the EPG and leaves my timeline empty.

Am I doing something wrong? I have thought of the character set difference, but have no idea as to how to verify/remedy to this problem.. But it may be something totally else. Are there any logs or other debug tools that could give me a hint? The EPG works perfectly well in DVBViewer...

Thanks for any advise.


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