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November 3, 2012
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I have MP 1.2 installed with MyFilms 6 and the latest StreamedMP as skin.

I use DVDProfiler for my XML export. In DVDProfiler, I have the Boxset itself as a profile, with each film with it as a Child profile. When I export to XML and import to MyFilms the linking of boxset and the films is lost. Is there any way within MyFilms that I can recreate it?

I've seen mention in the wiki of a the Context Menu that allows you to create a boxset, however I don't seem to have this (I only get Context options 1-9). Even if it were there, would it just create a separate Boxset entity, rather than linking it to the item in the XML that I already have?

Any help gratefully received. I've been searching high and low for the answer.


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    Hi Puhkipsy - welcome to MediaPortal and My Films!

    IIRC the create a boxset/group context menu options apply only to catalog types where you can update your catalog in MF (i.e. AMC or catalogs created in MF via AMC Updater). Perhaps @Guzzi can confirm that? If so, I should make that clearer in the wiki, sorry!

    The question is, does DVD Profiler export the profile (parent/child) info? If not, then I doubt there is much we can do, because even if you created box sets in My Films that data would be lost whenever you re-export updates from your DVD Profiler catalog. Unfortunately every movie catalog app seems to use a different method for 'Grouping' films.
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    MyFilms currently does NOT support any grouping from external catalogs.
    If this should happen, it would have to be added to the import filter of the respective catalog - DVDprofiler in this case.
    If it is possible depends on how the information is stored/available in DVDprofiler export format.
    If you send me or post a sample catalog, I could have a look into it.

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