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    I will update this post with early versions for people to test newly added content before it goes into mpei.
    Unzip and replace the athena folder with the unzipped one, make sure to clear your cache.

    Version 1.7.1 pre

    Cleaned homescreens made much slicker like removal of black background bars

    Main menu font changed to FiraSansOT-Light ( please install it from the MPdefaultfonts folder)

    Added exit button to main menu

    Removed hidden side menu in home

    Added ability to rename main menu labels in quick settings menu

    Added new floating tv preview window to bottom left in home when video is playing

    Added new floating media area for music playing in bottom left of homescreen when audio is playing

    Added shadows to all tiles

    Tweaked sliding animation so it's smoother

    Changed weather tiles images

    Removed some of the extra weather info like wind etc from weather tile to clean it up

    Changed weather icons for flat icons

    Changed page indicators for more pleasant looking ones

    Tweaked tvguide screen and added better recording icon

    MVcentral supprt

    Mailtip Support


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