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April 2, 2016
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Hi Lehmden

Thanks for the update. The updated version creates tasks ok on Win10 2004 now :)
I also tried Rytec. I few observations:

  1. Rytec does have all the channels I need :)
  2. It downloads the whole xmltv file for the UK which I don't have a problem with but I'd prefer to be able to choose which channels it outputs into the final file I would want to load/merge.
  3. I get an unhandled exception at the end of the download that doesn't appear to stop and xml file being created but I guess you were potentially trying to post process something.



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    I get an unhandled exception at the end of the download
    This error is caused by a faulty archive, I think. Need to check that further.
    It downloads the whole xmltv file for the UK
    Rytec always delivers all channels, not only for UK but for every country. You can not choose which channels to grab. But as Rytec is that fast this is no big issue, imho...

    If that would have been possible I would have added the corresponding checkbox for sure...


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    April 2, 2016
    Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
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    With Rytec, if I try and use just Region- preselection (epg by Igor@K-runigma)- Astra 2E/2F/2G 28.2E
    then nothing downloads nor TVGuide.xml is produced. I had a quick try of downloading the file EPG-Buddy attempts to download:

    by hand and various security programs informed me that this Ukrainian site was dodgy, that the file contained a virus and would not let me download it. This also looks like the exception you get as it appears to be a gzipped file rather than a xz file. This is pretty scary over and above virus checkers warning EPG-Buddy itself contains a virus.

    If I instead choose to use Region- preselection UK/Ireland - FreeSat (xz) the "Select offered channel from EPG data" offers all channels that I would want. However, the channels EPG data that is actually produced (EPG-Grabber.URL.Rytec UK Sat_Virgin XMLTV_UK_Ireland - FreeSat (xz).xml) is a subset of all the channels that were offered.

    I can also (multiple) select all of the UK/Ireland preselects and I get offered the same large list of channel EPG data channels. This then downloads six xz files and produces six TVGuide xml files containing the vast majority of channels that were in the "Select offered channel from EPG data" list but not all. So for instance the "Travel Channel" which is the the list of offered channels is not in any of the TVGuide xml files produced. Why are the channels being offered if the downloaded xz guide files don't contain the data for those channels?

    I agree the download of xml files is much faster than WebGrabbing. However, what I used to do was just web grab the channels I wanted to merge into my OTA grabs and then load the merged file into MP. The loads of the TVGuide xml files into MP can also take a lot of time when you are importing a load of channel data that you don't need because you can't actually recieve those channels. It would be useful to have a post process on the various TVGuide xml files produced to create a single TVGuide.xml file of only the channels that the user is looking for, say with a tick box against the channels offered that was used to post process the downloaded guides. If the data was accurate (which I haven't tested as yet) I could then choose just the channels that I was interested in and not even use OTA grabbing which can be also be very slow if I use TVDB to do look ups.

    Anyway, thanks again for your continued devlopment and giving us all options to recieve guide data.



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