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June 21, 2006
i'm using an SVN dated the 21st and i seem to have a problem with one of the regional channels tv guide settings. There was no problem when using the last stable build so i don't know if possibly it is something wrong with the SVN or maybe the website the information is obtained from has changed it's layout.

Anyway the problem i am having is with a channel called UTV, with data for the tvguide obtained from http://www.mydigiguide.com. The description is not being parsed from the website into the right place - I have a blank box where the description should be and instead the description is tacked on to the end of the genre. For example category is listed as:

The latest news from across Northern Ireland, followed by farming weather.
(Widescreen, Subtitles)

I notice that in the xml file that WebEPG creates a description field is missing for all the entries to do with UTV and the category field has category and description. i.e.:

<programme start="20061224131000" channel="u.tv">
<title>UTV Live News and Farming Weather</title>
The latest news from across Northern Ireland, followed by farming weather.
(Widescreen, Subtitles)</category>

This only seems to be happening with the one channel and i haved tried earlier SVNs of the 12th and the 18th and have found similar issues

Am reluctant to return to 0.2.1 stable build to check if it is an issue with the SVN or the website as i don't want to have to reset my settings

EDIT: Just noticed something about a new stable build so i might give that a try

EDIT2: Tried the new stable build and still no luck, radiotimes seems to have the channel listed under Ulster (channel 38) if this could be added to WebEPG i'm sure this would solve the problem

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