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  • February 29, 2008
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        <character name="astronauten">astronaut</character>
        <character name="kometen">comet</character>
        <character name="geist">ghost</character>
        <character name="marsianer">martian</character>
        <character name="mumie">mummy</character>
        <character name="vampir">vampire</character>
        <character name="werwolf">werewolf</character>
    For Germany it is necessary to register, in German in the singular and the plural in German.
    alien - file with name alien - It is not necessary to prescribe.
    aliens - alien
    инопланетянин - alien
    инопланетяне - alien
    etc ...
    If you want to show the image to the plural because comparison is by words.


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  • February 29, 2008
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    How to operate, genres, studio and charachters:
    Pars, XML file, take a name and check whether it is in the appropriate table, if not, then add, otherwise skip.
    When looking for, then we check whether the desired genre is, the studio or the character in the corresponding table, if there is something we give the name of the file to be displayed.
    Genres and studios are checked for full compliance, the characters are tested for partial matches.
    adult equal adult and not equal adults or some adult
    hobbit equals hobbit or hobbit and friend and not equals hobbits ...
    bond equals James BOND :) ... etc.


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    # Fanarthandler
    - Fix Moving Pictures support
    You mean general Fix or that now the characters should be displayed in MovingPictures too? - I'm afraid it does not...:unsure:


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  • February 29, 2008
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    Genres can be seen? If you see, then there will be characters. If not, then no one is inserted into the skin.

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