First TV stuttering badly, now no signal after 1.30 upgrade (1 Viewer)


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October 15, 2005
I just replaced MP 1.2.2 with 1.30 on a Windows 7 machine. I have a Blackgold BGT3620 DVBT2 card with the latest drivers installed. Prior to the upgrade TV functionality was fine.
When I first fired up the TV in MP it was stuttering very badly playing all channels. I then rebooted, and now it says "no signal" when I try to view any channel. Below is the latest message written to the TV error log:
2013-03-17 15:44:28.064415 [(18)]: Exception  :TvLibrary.TvException: Unable to start graph
  at TvLibrary.Implementations.DVB.TvCardDvbBase.RunGraph(Int32 subChannel)
  at TvLibrary.Implementations.DVB.TvCardDvbBase.DoTune(Int32 subChannelId, IChannel channel, Boolean ignorePMT)
  at TvLibrary.Implementations.DVB.TvCardDVBT.Tune(Int32 subChannelId, IChannel channel)
  at TvService.CardTuner.Tune(IUser& user, IChannel channel, Int32 idChannel)

When un-installing v1.2.2 it was unable to stop the TV service (threw an error message), but seemed to complete the uninstall anyway. I went into Windows services and disabled the TV service, but it made no difference. In any case, MP 1.30 seemed to install without any problems.

Can anyone suggest how to diagnose this further?


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October 15, 2005
Just rebooted again. This time I got BBC 1 HD when I started TV. When I tried to change channel (using the "Channel" menu option) the BBC1 TV picture in the monitor panel froze, and nothing else happened. If I try to select any other channel the same thing happens - i.e. I just see the frozen frame from BBC1 and nothing else happens.
????[DOUBLEPOST=1363549059][/DOUBLEPOST]Progress...I find that if I select channels from the TV guide they open up as expected. The problem now is horrendous stutter on all of the HD channels. I never had this with v1.2.2. Are there alternative codecs that I can try which may enable the processor to handle the HD content?


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February 15, 2011
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Hi itm,
Are you using the LAV filters?
Have you enabled the hardware acceleration ?
Do you have the same problems with recorded programs?
Can you post your logs, otherwise no one can help you.

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