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May 21, 2007
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A couple of channels recently have stopped working when they previously worked fine. If I try to change to one of them, the screen goes black for 20 seconds or so and then TV exits and goes back to the home screen. I'm wondering if it might be a corruption in a DB. If so, where are the settings/TV channels for TV Server stored?
I have gone into TV Server config and tried to delete the channels that have the issue, but I get a message box saying 'Clearing TV Channel. This can take some time. Please be patient' and it sits there. I have waited 10 minutes or more and the message box doesn't disappear. If I end task and go back into the config and delete a channel that works, it deletes straight away. If I run a test on the channels, they come up with 'Error'. There shouldn't be an issue with signal as I plugged the antenna directly into the TV and the channels in question come up fine.
I have also noticed that when I go into the mini-epg, any groups that contain these channels list 'no epg data available' for every channel in the group. For groups that don't contain these channels, the EPG data displays fine.
I've done a searc, but didn't have any luck in finding where the settings are stored. I'm hoping someone can tell me which file/s I can delete so I can reconfigure TV Server from scratch again. Or look at restoring the file from a backup prior to when this ocurred and see if the behaviour continues.

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