[confirm] - Focus issues using remote (latest alpha4 testbuild)

Discussion in 'Older releases' started by Lehmden, November 27, 2013.

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    As mentioned in another thread I'll try to list the focus issues I have, when I'm using remote only to control MP2.
    When staring (no matter via MP2 Tray-Launcher or shortcut) , MP2 has no focus at all and isn't the active Window...
    After pressing the "Green Button" again MP2 is the active Window but no Item in Home has focus.
    You first need to blindly move the cursor to see where the focus is.

    Now we want to play a series episode... My default filter is "Filter By Season" and my default view is "Grid".
    When I've entered the Series section there also is no item with focus on. You need to move the cursor multiple times until you found the way to gain focus on an item in the grid.
    When you enter a series then normally nothing is shown at all:
    Zwischenablage-4.jpg It's tricky to get the focus on an item in the grid, as you first need to gain focus on "menu" and then move cursor right. All other ways never got focus (and visibly) to the grid.

    I think this is the same issue than entering a season with not too much episodes in.
    Here you need to move the cursor down to get the items visible.
    If there are a more than two rows in the grid, the items are visible on first enter.
    Zwischenablage-8.jpg I think that's the same reason why there is nothing shown when you enter a series as there are 2 rows max.

    When you start full screen playback of an episode and come back when it's finished, the focus is somewhere but never where you expected it. Here I start playing the Episode No. 758 Zwischenablage-9.jpg

    After stopping playback Episode 742 has focus. That's five rows up and two columns left in grid...

    This is the first part, Starting and Series. I will add more later...
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