Forwarding / Skipping stops working once max. buffer size is reached (1 Viewer)


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  • February 11, 2007
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    Think I found out what is causing this.
    Yesterday I tested if this is linked to buffer-file change. It actually is in some way.

    As soon as the max. buffer size is reached, skip forward or any other buffer related task doesn't work anymore.

    What happens if the max. buffer size is reached?

    When the Tv-Server starts, it creates buffer files in the following sheme:

    The longer you watch, the more it creates, for me it ends at the 6th (max. buffer size) file, once the "7th" is created, it overrides the 1st one.
    This is the exact moment when forwarding/skipping stops working.


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    April 22, 2004
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    Oh yes, sometime I have exactly the same problems.

    It did not help you, but it's good to hear, that I am not the only man with this kind of problem ;-)


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  • September 18, 2006
    this is just a quick note to confirm the timeshifting problem as described above. happens to me all the time when watching timeshifted TV.


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    November 20, 2006
    New Zealand New Zealand
    For test:
    Single seat (latest TVE3 & MP SVN).
    You need a channel where show starts every 30 min or every hour.

    Start watching Channel_A, Show_A, wait 20 min & "Pause" it.
    Leave this until Show_B starts + 10 min, then start the show again & try to skip +x min (here i can skip at most +3min & end it's comming after that).

    I have a mixed results after this test & sometimes i can skip step + 3 min & other times it goes straight to end, will test this further to see whats causing this to happen.

    Hey Roy,

    Have you had any luck tracking down the source of this problem? It's really makes timeshifting risky bussiness! ;-) Is this loaded in Mantis Or are the devs aware of or experiencing this?



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  • February 11, 2007
    Germany Germany
    Seems fixed in latest SVN. Therefor a really big thanks!

    Can you tell me what "min buffer files" and "max buffer files" mean? I left it to standard 6 and 20, it creates 6 and starts overwriting the first one then.

    Also, what benefits would a different file size give?

    Regards, Muldini

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