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August 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NL
Netherlands Netherlands
By using a similar mapping mechanism as used for remote controls, KeyboardInputPlugin allows one to map arbitrary key presses to MediaPortal actions, windows, etc. The main differences with the standard MediaPortal keyboard handling are as follows:

  • This plug-in takes the Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Win modifier keys into account.
  • This plug-in allows you to map key combinations not only to actions, but also to windows and such.
  • Configuration of this plug-in is similar as the standard MediaPortal Remote Plugin configurations.

With some imagination, this plug-in can be used for various very different purposes. Some examples:
  • Many remote controls act like an HID keyboard, where each button corresponds with a specific keystroke. Most remote controls send keystroke combinations that include Ctrl, Alt, Shift and sometimes Win modifier keys. For example, the Asus S-Presso remote control sends Ctrl-B for Replay, Ctrl-Shift-B for Rewind and Ctrl-Alt-Shift-B for Repeat buttons. This plug-in enables you to control MediaPortal using such a remote control.
  • The standard MediaPortal key mapping mechanism doesn’t allow mapping keystrokes to windows. Using this plug-in, you can create keyboard shortcuts to specific MediaPortal screens. Both built-in MediaPortal windows and windows defined by plug-ins are supported.
  • You may want to bind different actions to the same key depending on the context. For example in the Home screen you may want the number keys to act like a shortcut to various windows or actions, but have them act as regular number keys in all other screens. This is possible using the standard remote-like key mapping provided by this plug-in.
  • You may want to bind different, possibly somewhat related actions to the same key depending on which modifier key is pressed. Using this plug-in, you can for example define ‘B’ as Back, Ctrl-B as Replay, Ctrl-Shift-B as Rewind, etcetera.
The current version of the plug-in is This version has been compiled against MediaPortal 1.2.1 but may work with other versions. For history information, see history.html. Please note the possible backward compatibility issues as noted on the last plug-in installation screen and in the history information.

The plug-in is available in the list of Known Extensions in the MediaPortal Extension Installer. To see the latest version of KeyboardInputPlugin, you may need to 'Download online update info' in MPEI. If you have previously installed KeyboardInputPlugin via MPEI, you may need to 'Clean installation cache' in MPEI.

You can also manually download and install an MPEI install package:
Please see the README.TXT file for troubleshooting tips and other information.

The plug-in is being maintained in the MP-Plugins subversion repository. Source code etc can be found at Repository - [mp-plugins] Index of /trunk/plugins/KeyboardInputPlugin. More information on this repository, including information on how to get write-access in order to contribute to this plug-in, is available here:

If you like this plug-in and would like to donate, please use the Donate button on this page: » Software.

Thanks to SilentException and Deda for various updates to this plugin.

Unfortunately I no longer actively maintain this plugin due to lack of time (and change of hardware which no longer requires the use of this plugin). As described above, sources are available in the MP-Plugins repository, so if you want to step in to continue development please feel free to do so. If you need any help please let me know.
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November 9, 2006
that sounds cool.
i have a xpc-rc01 remote wich acts like a wireless keyboard (HID)
and sends keystrocks like ctrl+p,etc.
would it work for me?


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August 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NL
Netherlands Netherlands
Hello Mike,

I think the plugin should be usable for your remote as well if it behaves like an HID keyboard. Just have a look at it when it becomes available in the input plugins downloads section. If you are able to make it work with your remote, can you please send me the Keyboard.xml file so I can include that as an example in the distribution? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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October 10, 2006
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Perfect job :)

with this plugin I definitly uninstall old My Keys. Now I can normal use keyboard without interference with My Keys.

Thanx a lot :)

P.S.: Here is file with same functionality like MyKeys. Old Shortcuts are replaced with combination Ctrl+Alt.

For example - My music was "i" in MyKeys now is "Ctrl+Alt+i".


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August 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NL
Netherlands Netherlands
Hi all,

A new version is now available, see the opening post of this thread. This version allows for easier configuration of button definitions (no need for manually editing keyboard.xml anymore), including keycode learning mode.



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January 3, 2007
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I've just got round to setting this up and it works a treat :)



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April 19, 2006
Sweden Sweden
Is it possible to add quick jump directly to a certain plugin. I have specially My TV Series plug-in in mind. I have been cycling through possible window but I can not find it.


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August 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NL
Netherlands Netherlands
Hi Johan, the plugin re-uses the existing MediaPortal remote button/input mapping mechanism which AFAIK doesn't support the functionality that you requested. Currently I do not have plans to replace the MediaPortal input mechanism with my own version, so unless somebody else implements this (either in MediaPortal itself or in the KeyboardInputPlugin) this functionality will not be supported in the near future.

There is a workaround though; add the button and map it to some arbitrary window, and then manually change the keyboard.xml file. For the given button mapping you will have to modify the value of the cmdproperty attribute to the window/plugin-id of your choice (the window id can be found by looking at the source of the plugin) . Be wary though; your keyboard.xml configuration file will be deleted when you press the 'Update Mapping' button in the KeyboardInputPlugin configuration after making such changes, as the MediaPortal input mapping mechanism doesn't understand this.

So the correct workaround would be to create all mappings that you want using the setup screens, as far as possible. Then make a backup (1) of your InputDeviceMappings\custom\keyboard.xml file, then manually change any mappings that you want, and make a backup (2) of that file again. Should you ever want to modify the mapping again using the setup program, replace the InputDeviceMappings\custom\keyboard.xml file with backup (1), make your changes, and re-apply all manual changes again.

Kind regards,

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