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Discussion in 'Remotes' started by Dr Morris, December 28, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    I've always struggled a little with my Philips MCE remote on Mepo but the basic functions have worked with a generic IR receiver for a good few years. However now have a Streacom FLIRC IR card and Harmony Ultimate to improve things. Many things work 'out of the box' with a FLIRC Harmony mapping in myHarmony but I am uncertain how to 'fine tune' keys including one to give the TV Guide and another to 'record'

    1. How do I know what key mappings in MEPO are associated to the Harmony? I've loaded the HID Demo to see what key presses are detected and this doesn't seem to produce anything.
    2. Should I adjust the Harmony and the key mapping through the FLIRC key mapping software or adjust the MEPO HID instead?

    to be honest I've probably just made this too complicated and hope someone will sort me out. harmony Remote/hub -> myHarmony -> IR Receiver -> Driver -> OS -> MEPO

    If anyone has a ready made mapping file or two, that would be superb (FLIRC Config, Harmony config, MEPO config) :)

    I am running 1.15 on Windows 10.

    many thanks
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    I'd say you need to get FLIRC to behave like a normal MCE receiver, I don't know if it can do that, however I reckon it should as they claim it does everything.
    When that's done you should be able to see what key does what in HID Demo.

    You sure did that by getting a FLIRC which is a configurable solution rather that a standard MCE receiver like the ones from Inteset for instance.
    Then again there is so many hardware and software IR solutions for PC out there that's very easy to get confused.
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