HDHomerun's dual tuner not working (1 Viewer)


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September 8, 2008
MediaPortal Version: 1.4.0

I am running mediaportal 1.4 livetv with hdhomerun (dual version) DVB-T tuner. It is a dual tuner that streams tv on the network. Since mediaportal 1.4 i cannot use it as a dual tuner. ie a cannot record 2 tv shows at the same time (it signal me a record conflict), and a cannot watch a tv show if i am recording an other show on a different transponder (no card available).
tv server configuration gui still show me 2 tuner, but it seems that mediaportal 1.4 can only use one

Steps to Reproduce:
hdhomerun dual needed

1- record tv show
2- try to watch a tv show on a different transponder

1- record a tv show
2- try to record a tv show on a different transponder


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  • September 1, 2008
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    Hello fatruc

    Please provide log files so we can investigate.

    Thanks! :)

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