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February 3, 2013
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Hi everyone, first time setting up MediaPortal.

Went through the Wiki to install and configure MP.

I am using AverMedia tuner card with OVA annenna.

I scanned 16 channels (digital). I also enabled EPG in the config.

However, when I went to Watch TV. I only see one channel as available (green), the rest of the channels are unavailable (red icon).

And the TV Guide is showing 'no data'.

What am I missing? Appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks


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    Need to know where in the world you are. Is the tuner analogue or digital? Type of signal ?

    When you enabled EPG in config, did you check the channels to grab/store EPG data for?

    Oh, and MP will only grab EPG data if your broadcaster transmits it.

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