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January 3, 2007
Hey guys, my first post - so a big :D to all the devs, testers, etc - I'm using MP (mostly) without problems and it is an awesome piece of software - can't believe that its free!

now for my question - atm I record tv via MP as a dvr-ms file. Then at 3am each day, I run an awesome piece of software called "crunchie" to compress those huge dvr-ms files into xvids, which are about 1/10 the size.

my problem is MP's file name format for recorded TV. Crunchie only accepts one filename format - that used by MCE (i.e. The MP, however, uses a slightly different format - it does not use any extra zeroes in the filename if it doesnt have to, so the above example will be recorded by MP as "The". If crunchie does not see the date and time of the file EXACTLY as what it expects, it will not organise my xvid files upon conversion.

I played around with the "Custom Paths and Filenames" section in MP config but to no avail. I managed to add the trailing "00" to the end of the file, but if a show is recorded at 7am on 5/3/2007, the format will not be recognised by crunchie as it does not have the extra padding of zeroes around the time, day and month.

Any suggestions on how I can change MP's naming convention so that it always outputs the date and time as dd_mm_yyyy_hh_mm_ss? I noticed that the TV guide contains the full date string, hence it must be MP's tv guide parser that strips all the unnecessary zeros.

Alternatively, can anyone suggest a freeware renaming utility / script to rename all the files (i.e. put in extra zeroes where required) prior to the files being processed by crunchie? I am currently renaming all my recordings by hand prior to going to bed, which is a pain in the butt!

Any help will be much appreciated!

I'm running w/latest SVN & TV Engine 0.2. Didnt fill in support template/system info coz didnt think its required in my case.



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January 3, 2007
Thanks Ralph.

I may contact the crunchie dev and I have looked through the threads you mentioned - those threads mentions the same thing Im doing now. They have the same process (i.e. MP records file, crunchie processes it) however neglect to mention that MP generates a different filename to what crunchie expects.

hmm - im thinking a bat file/script can fix this issue... it just needs to do the following: a) measure number of chars after each "_" in the file name. if the number of chars is <2, then it will need to insert a zero before the char and move onto the next part of the file name until it hits the extension.

Any ideas?:rolleyes:

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