Help with te xface skin (1 Viewer)


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July 30, 2007
Installed the latest svn and that solved it.


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September 1, 2006
I still hav problems with filmstrip wiew in xface skin, i can´t get the folder thumbs to fil the hole dvd case. The picture seems to smal and i have tryed with high res. thumbs without any luck.

Best reguards

habj (Håkan)

PS I am using WinXP sp2
With MediaPortal RC3 and latest SVN
and XFace V1.2


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September 1, 2006
Hi again!

about my problem with thumbs that dont fit the dvd box in xface filmstrip. Now i only have problems with the thumbs that are not downloaded from imdb, even if they are highres thumbs. I have the same resolution in both cases and i cant get it to work. I have tryed 1024x768 and 1280x1024. i have deletet cashe folder.

Can anybody tell me what to do



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December 4, 2006
Italy Italy
I use x-face on a LCD with resolution 1360x768 (MP version
I like it wery well and all is OK excluding 2 little problems:
- the CD covers in Filmstrip or preview (with list or icons view) are "cutted" on the left size although the images are squared;
- the two "navigation" buttons works OK in list view, but in icons view only the little up part works - in filmstrip view doesn't works absolutely.
It happens only to me or it's a bug?



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April 29, 2008
United States of America United States of America
Xface was working just fine on my TV but then it Croaked. The center portion where you choose TV,Video, Settings etc. is still there but the rest of the screen is the Blue 2 background and it scrolls and shutters like an old tv losing Sync. if I use the standard blue 2 everything is fine again but still cannot use Xface when I reload it. I then tried to download Pure Vision HD and it asks for a password? I tried Eaon Alpha but it does not show up in the skin selection in media Portal. Monochrome HCE will also not show up in my Media Portal skins although they are listed in skins on the computer. Please advise on what I may be doing wrong

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