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  • September 27, 2009
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    MediaPortal Version: 1.18.0

    In some skins when a modal dialog (f.e. menu button on recorded tv list, choosing a resolution in onlinevideos) is shown, the (left) hidden menu appears too.


    Thanks to Git bisect, I've traced it back to c44f334d221c255182530f16a22fccd979341c1c.
    I did some experimenting and found that the menu only appears if the dimcolor is ffffffff, when it's 00ffffff it does behave correctly (which is weird in my opinion). However if I change it to 00ffffff, then my screen will still shift to the right when a dialog is opened, so it's not a 100% workaround.

    Initial discussion here

    Steps to Reproduce:
    install MP 1.18
    get skin from blackglass/Black Glass at master · doskabouter/blackglass · GitHub
    navigate to recorded tv or onlinevideos
    select a video and press F9

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