How do I get MediaPortal to separate recording files by channel and month?

Discussion in 'General' started by ChaosMageX, March 24, 2019.

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    I want MediaPortal to automatically separate the show folders containing the recording files by channel and by month, so that the folder layout ends up looking something like this:

    E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KHOU-DT\60 Minutes
    E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KHOU-DT\The Big Bang Theory
    E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KHOU-DT\Young Sheldon
    E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KRIV-DT\Bob's Burgers
    E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KRIV-DT\Family Guy
    E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KRIV-DT\The Orville
    E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KRIV-DT\The Simpsons
    E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KTRK-HD\The Good Doctor
    E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KTRK-HD\Whiskey Cavalier

    Basically, I want every recording folder corresponding to a show to be within a folder named after the call-sign of the channel from which that show was recorded, and that to be within a folder named after the month in which it was recorded, and that to be within the root recording storage folder.

    How do I make that happen automatically? Will I have to write some kind of custom plugin? How complex will it end up being?
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    Show System Specs
    This is not possible. You can currently only filter by either name or channel. In each option auto-grouping by show name will occur. The date filtering is not working and has been dropped in the next release.

    You would need to expand the existing management of Recordings and add additional filtering options. The code is public and you are welcome to suggest code extensions in the respective forum section.

    What you want is a combined filter though, which we would probably deny for being too special. The filter by date (month) is meaningful, however, not if forcibly combined with channel. I don't understand the need for such a filter as I would think that a user is interested in the show itself rather than the channel. Or am I missing something?
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    With the greatest respect, ChaosMageX seems to be talking about the file system rather than the user interface (filtering).

    Perhaps we could get a clarification?

    If the question does relate to the file system, the following information is relevant:

    Assuming the base recording folder/directory is "E:\MediaPortal", I think the desired structure could be [roughly] achieved with "\\Recordings-%startyear%-%startmonth%\\%channel%\\%title%\\"... followed by whatever file name format was desired.
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