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October 7, 2011
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Oxan, Diebagger and other contributors - thank you guys for this great extension - its greatly enhanced my family's MP experience. I have one question though.

I'm running a core i3 2125 (2 cores 4 threads) with 8GB of RAM, Win 7 Ultimate, MP1.2.2 and MPextended 0.43. I have a 30mbps broadband connection to my htpc (direct ethernet cable connection to router) with 3mbps upload.

Whenever I am trying to use WebMediaportal from outside my home network I get really choppy streaming of flash video. This is even when I have decent web connection (e.g. 10mbps). Whats interresting is Ampdroid works perfectly well in these situations, but WebMP stutters. Is my processor too weak for transcoding?

I know there are lots of possible reasons for this stuttering, but was hoping you could help me with a quick checklist of things I can do/check to improve the streaming speed (short of waiting for MPextended 0.5). Any pointers at all towards optimising my system would be great.

Thanks again for a great extension


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  • August 29, 2009
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    The WebMP profiles are (unfortunately) a lot more heavy than the aMPdroid profiles.. I really can't say more about the streaming stack in 0.4.3 though, it behaves a bit random ;)

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