[solved] How to configure MP2 in a client server - mixed setup (1 Viewer)

Joel Pearson

New Member
September 6, 2017
Australia Australia

I've just installed MP2 in a client/server setup, and I'm trying to install an additional client, essentially following this network setup:

Network Configurations

What do I have to do to make it work, is there some way to debug the connections, or to force it to connect?

Both sides are running windows 10, in the Windows Explorer Network section, I see a "MediaPortal 2 server" device which suggests UPnP is working to some extent at least. But the MP2 Service Monitor doesn't show anything.

It looks like I probably am in the same scenario as: MP2 client not connecting to server

Joel Pearson

New Member
September 6, 2017
Australia Australia
Turns out it was a firewall issue on the client, once disabled it worked, fine. I'll just have to configure the windows firewall properly.

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