1. J

    TV playback lags on client

    Well that's sad because I needed Mediaportal to play TV recordings on different PCs :-( Recorded TV shows play fine on my server (client + server setup), but watching them on another computer (client only setup) is not an option because there is too much lag. I can watch HD movies over wifi...
  2. rainbowforest

    [solved] MP2 Client ist extrem langsam

    Hallo, nach dem Umstieg von Win7 mit MCE auf WIN10 Pro habe ich mich für MP2 als HTPC SW entschieden. Hat ein Weilchen gedauert bis ich soweit alles zum Laufen brachte, aber grundsätzlich sieht es nicht schlecht aus. Bis auf (und hier meine Fragen): Server + Client laufen auf einem eigenen...
  3. J

    Reading mp4 on Client PC

    I am using MP2 (2.2) with a PC as Client-Server and Client-Only on my other PCs. The Client-Server PC is linked to my home network through WiFi. All other clients are hard linked to the home router. Client-Server PC runs pretty well but when I attempt to look at an .mp4 movie from my Client-Only...
  4. Patrik-See

    Win 10 Benutzer bei verschiedenen Clients

    Hallo zusammen, ich möchte mich morgen daran setzen bei mir im Haushalt von MP1 auf MP2 umzustellen. Im gleichen Zuge kommen auch noch ein paar neue Clients hinzu. Wie verwendet Ihr die Benutzer unter Windows 10? Jeder Client sein eigenen Benutzer Akkount oder auf allen der gleiche?
  5. Joel Pearson

    [solved] How to configure MP2 in a client server - mixed setup

    Hi, I've just installed MP2 in a client/server setup, and I'm trying to install an additional client, essentially following this network setup: Network Configurations What do I have to do to make it work, is there some way to debug the connections, or to force it to connect? Both sides are...
  6. A

    Single Seat or Multi Seat?

    I wonder if someone can help me with this. I currently have a single seat set up, but want to access the live TV, guide, etc but using another computer. Everything currently works well on my HTPC in my living room, but I was thinking of accessing the information using KODI on a different...
  7. TiVo

    MP2 - Spring'16 Unable to play Windows Media Center (WMC) Files (.wtv)

    I recently installed Media Portal 2 Spring 16 on three computers. "Living Room" is a server and client running on a fresh install of 64bit Windows 7 with the free Windows Update to 64bit Windows 10. "Living Room" plays .wtv files. "Bedroom" has just the client installed. It is a long standing...
  8. luci5r

    MediaPortal "Client" Machine - Questions.

    For over 6 years now I've been using MediaPortal on our main HTPC in the home theater. Towards the end of this month, I'm building a new Skylake/Pascal based HTPC which will replace the old Sandy Bridge HTPC. This new HTPC will be the main MediaPortal HTPC. All media will be stored on this...
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