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December 28, 2008
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Hey all,

I've been searching around the net for a few hours trying to figure out the answer my issue: Is it possible to generate a custom grabber file from IMDB using xmltv for my specific zip code & provider?

When i browse to the IMDB website for TV listings and use the drop-down boxes to select my specific location, I can see that IMDB does in fact offer listings for my specific zip code & cable provider. However, I can't seem to figure out how to edit the www_imdb_com.xml file to include this regional information. I've studied the syntax of the file and it seems pretty easy to decipher, but it looks to me like each specific channel in the file is where the "tv_prov=XXXXXX" string is found. Additionally, based on the IMDB website there are additional channels for my location that i'd like to add to this XML file.

I've searched all around the net trying to find a way to download/generate a new www_imdb_com.xml file for my specific location, but haven't had any success. I also tried to play with the XMLTV.EXE command line stuff, but there doesn't seem to be an option for the IMDB TV-listings, only the movie data, direct-tv, etc.

So, unless i'm way off, i think I know what I need to do i just don't know how to do it. Sure, I could manually click on each channel on the IMDB website, look at the URL, and modify the XML file to create a new grabber for myself but i'm sure that there is an automated way to generate a customized file. I also started exploring the zap2xml stuff, but I feel like i'm close to a solution and would rather stick with the xmltv stuff that seems like it's almost there.

Any help would with this would really be appreciated! Thanks!!!!



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January 7, 2009
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did you ever figure that out or get any help on that im in the same boat i can get everything to work but i need somthing localized


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  • January 17, 2009
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    OK, this is from memory because I am at work. It may vary slightly to what exists in reality.

    1.) Copy the imdb template file. I always like to use copies. You can edit the original if you want.
    2.) Rename with your Zip Code in it (you can name it what ever but this makes it easier).
    3.) Open the file with notepad or xml editor.
    4.) Open and navigate to the TV Listings.
    5.) You will see "" in the address bar.
    6.) Append "?zip=[YOURZIP]" to the address. ie ""
    7.) Press Enter or press Go to navigate to that site.
    8.) The page will change slightly and you will see providers now somewhere above the start of the listings grid.
    9.) Select your provider (if you use OTA, select Generic [YourTimezone].
    10.) Click Go.
    11.) Look at the address bar now, you will see a new variable somewhere near the end of the address: "&tv_prov=OHXXXXX". OH=your state, Im in Ohio. The XXXXX is the 5 digit identifier. You need to copy the "OHXXXXX" part.

    Edit the xml file now.
    1.) Change all the zip codes to your zip code - doing a search and replace speeds this up.
    2.) Change all the providers to your provider (step 11).
    3.) I dont think you have to change this...but I changed all the @CENTRAL to @EASTERN since that is my time zone
    4.) For each of your channels, enter them EXACTLY as they are in your TVConfig mappings - this makes importing and assigning much easier. You can enter anything you want, but it adds more work and I am lazy. You are editing the first part of the line, the part with the @YourTimeZone.
    5.) Later in the line, edit the Station to how sees it. Sometimes they will be the same, sometimes not. This is part of the id= string I think.
    6.) Delete any extra lines. You dont HAVE to do this, but it keeps it clean and I am tidy lazy person :p

    Map XML Stations
    1.) Open WebXML-Config (I think that is the name)
    2.) Import your stations (either from Media Portal or TV Server).
    3.) You should now see all your stations in the left column.
    4.) Do auto assign (I think that is what it is).
    5.) IF you created the xml file correctly, it will fill in all the columns for you. If a record or two do not fill in, something is mistyped. You can A.) Edit the record here and assign in by pointing it to the correct station or B.) Fix the XML file and repeat steps 1-4 again. I recommend option B because if you have to reinstall again for what ever reason, you reduce your steps.

    I think that is all you have to change...I could be forgetting something so if it doesnt jive. Please let me know if this works or does not work. If it fails, I will verify my steps when I get home.

    Also...BACKUP your new CUSTOM file so you dont have to create it again. I dont know if the backup plugin actually backs this file up or not...have not verified.

    Best of luck to ye!



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    January 7, 2009
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    hey thank's alot i ended up using schedules direct and im going to see how that goes but if it doesnt work i will deffintly try it out :D

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