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  • July 20, 2006
    here is a way to use acestream with OnlineVideo. It might be possible to have different way, so this is the way i try.
    Acestream is an innovative media platform of a new generation, which will take you to a new high-quality level of multimedia space on the Internet. Also like torrent stream. since version 3.1, it's possible to use acestream as a proxy.

    Step 1: Install Acestream
    Close Mediaportal on your client and go on Install the version 3.1. Acestream install an agent, do not remove it from autostart.

    Step 2: Create M3U Playlist
    Create a a m3u playlist somewhere on your disk like 'c:\temp\tvclub.m3u', open it with notepad and add your streams. here is a sample:

    #EXTINF:0,CLUB 1

    Take care of the acestream content id in the playlist like:

    At this point, you can test your playlist with a player like aceplayer or VLC to validate m3u.

    Step 3: OnlineVideo integration
    Open your 'OnlineVideoSites.xml' and add a new section like below. You can add many link to m3u playlist and not only acestream playlist.
    At the moment IPTV is a french site, i have to change this.
      <Site name="IPTV" util="IPTV" agecheck="false" enabled="true" lang="en" lastUpdated="2010-11-29T21:02:31.257Z">
      <Description>Simple IPTV Provider with M3U or M3U8 elements</Description>
         <Category xsi:type="RssLink" name="TVClub">c:\temp\tvclub.m3u</Category>

    Step 4: Enjoy
    Open Mediaportal, go to Online Video, French, IPTV .....
    Sometimes streams are a little bit lazy, try to reopen.
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