1. bta489

    [solved] System goes to Standby during Amazon Prime Playback

    Hi there, When watching Amazon Prime with the OnlineVideos-Plugin, my system goes to standby after 20 minutes or so. I suspect it has to do with the fact that PrimeVideo is not rendered with the internal Player, but opens a Browser to render the video. So after some research I tried to enter...
  2. Gobbo

    Fliter by Language

    Hi, How can you filter the OnlineVideos plugin by language? I'm using MP2 and I have tried everything in the settings, but nothing saves. Kind Regards, Gobbo
  3. xfx

    YouTube's "Subscriptions->Latest Videos" displays wrong list of videos

    About 5 days ago, the list of "Latest Videos" for the Subscriptions section is displaying a list of "Popular Videos". I say "Popular Videos", because they all appear as uploaded by a channel(?) named "Popular on YouTube". Please, let me know if I should post some log file or provide any...
  4. R

    Can not rename menus in Titan Editor

    Hey - In the Titan Skin Configuration tool it looks like I should be able to rename menus. i.e. I have the OnlineVideos plugin as a main menu item that I just use for Netflix and would like to rename it 'Netflix'. Similarly the MPsteam plugin I want to rename 'Steam'. I can type in these name...
  5. lopez.tuparles

    HowTo use Acestream with OnlineVideo

    Hi, here is a way to use acestream with OnlineVideo. It might be possible to have different way, so this is the way i try. Acestream is an innovative media platform of a new generation, which will take you to a new high-quality level of multimedia space on the Internet. Also like torrent stream...
  6. R

    OnlineVideos-Netflix not working in Australia

    Hi, i'm trying to get Onlinevideos Netflix to work but just get "error getting dynamic categories". I have been using online videos for a little while and it does work ok with other sites. I live in Australia, and running Win 10. I am able to log in to Netflix, I can select my profile and I get...
  7. A

    Codecs SAF v6 Audio issue

    Hi everyone, Have just installed SAF v6 to MP 1.13 and now the Audio in Online Videos plugin does not work! Everything else works fine, I reinstalled the latest version of Online Videos but still no sound, I'm thinking there may be a particular codec to use or a setting somewhere?
  8. R

    Trouble with Sky Go UK

    I've just set up Online Videos for the first time in the UK (had it working fine in NZ). The free to air UK catch up channels are working fine (e.g. BBC iPlayer, ITV), as is Netflix, but Sky Go is giving me all sorts of problems. Either I get the spinning circle indefinitely or else it very...
  9. Ministerk

    Dplay Premium for Denmark and Norway

    Hi I've published Dplay for Denmark and Norway (Sweden see Swedish sites thread) Features: Free show contents (not for Norway, account is needed) Premium contents Enter credentials in settings Shows Sports live Channels live Search shows Scrobble to trakt Uses BrowserPlayer for DRM protected...
  10. M

    USTVnow - unter MP machbar?

    Hallo, ich habe kürzlich USTVnow entdeckt und bin natürlich total begeistert. Jetzt wäre es natürlich schön, wenn man dies auch unter MP laufen lassen könnte, aber wie? Ich bin leider kein Programmierer und evtl. ginge es mit Online Videos aber wie schon erwähnt, ich bin kein Programmierer und...
  11. S

    Sound but no picture

    Hi! Im recently new to MP1. Went from WMC. I LOVE the OV plugin, its the best. I run Windows 7. MP1 1.12. OV 2.1 and latest Adobe Flash. .NET 4.5.2. Skin StreamedMP 3.1(latest). My problem is that when I use OV and usually watch SVTPlay I every second or 4-5 time get sound but no picture after I...
  12. Ministerk

    [MOD]OnlineVideos and Games Theme

    OnlineVideos and Games Theme This is a theme/mod for the excellent Apollo skin and it comes with two OnlineVideos tab layouts and one Games tab layout that replaces the TV tab if enabled. Latest version v1.1.1.0 ApolloOnlineVideos.and.Games.Theme_v1.1.1.0.mpe1 Modes/Layouts The OnlineVideos...
  13. Ministerk

    Viasat/MTG play sites: Norway, Denmark, Baltic Countries and Bulgaria.

    While I upgraded the Swedish Viasat site I noticed several other sites used the same API so I added the ones I found The new sites are: TV3 Play Danmark TV3 Play Eesti Viasat Norge TV Play (Latvia) TV3 Play Lietuva Nova Play (Bulgaria) You can search in the hidden menu, the sites try to...
  14. Ministerk

    Netflix for OnlineVideos

    Netflix for OnlineVideos Where can I get this? This is a site in the OnlineVideos plugin, enable Netflix from the "Manage Sites" view inside OnlineVideos. Also update your sites after you have enabled it to get the latest version. Countries I do not know if this works everywhere but it looks...
  15. Ministerk

    [MOD]Latest OnlineVideos in BasicHome for Titan Extended Two. Ver. 2

    Hi, I have made a small mod for the BasicHome screen of the Titan Extended Two theme. The mod displays the latest three OnlineVideos in an overlay when a tile configured to show the mvCentral overlay has focus. To install: Backup the original Team...
  16. Ministerk

    Viaplay for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark

    Viaplay for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark Browser player and remarks Browser player introduced in OnlineVideos 1.8 Videos plays in an external browser window and not in the online video player. You can play, pause, stop videos (close browser) and skip/step forward and backward You can...
  17. Ministerk

    Swedish sites: SVT, TV4, Dplay Premium, UR, Viasat channels + Movie & Series sites

    Sites Swedish television networks, channels and stations: SVT Play UR Play TV4 Play Viasat/Viafree channels: TV3, TV6, TV8, TV10, MTV, etc Swedish television networks, channels and stations with free and premium content: Premium: Kanal 5, Kanal 9, Kanal 11 Play, Discovery Channel...
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