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Just purchased a 42" lg plasma with dvi input.

I wont to hook my pc upto it and set up a small htpc. Main question is.

1. Anyone had any problems of screen burn or anything when using a Plasma?

2. Do most you guys purchage a special remote to use with the PC or use the remote with your tv tuners?

3. Will my Digital VIsonPlus card work with media portal? Downloading now on 56k :-(

Thanks guys


As long as you dont leave the same image on for a long time, or accidently leave the tv on without an image you should have a problem. Keep in mind if you watch something alot like say CNN eventually you will probably have a burn in from there logo on the screen. If it was for burn in my family would have gotten a plasma. Just because withit, we just knew we were lazy and incompetant and turning devices off. If your a stickler for a perfect screen be very careful. I have seen some bad burn in nad while it doesnt mean you have to throw your screen away it is noticable. Wouldnt bother my girlfriend or my mom but if it was my screen that had the burn in i would go insane.

Stay away from anything that leaves a static image on your screen for awhile if your one to walk away from your screen alot use a screen saver that works the whole screen like a spiraling color thing.

Im looking into getting a special remote, like the MEC (media center edition) remote that comes with Windoes MCE, but the other option, which i think is cool if you use your setup for more than just a PVR, is to get a wireless gyro mouse and wireless key board. Allows for 3d maiipuattion of the mouse, and a wireless keayboard. Both very spiffy things.


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i have a 42" plasma from lg and yes it is a problem with the image burning .
i can see that even the subtitles on movies can burn in on the screen

so the solution is screensaver the screensaver can fix ( after a while ) the burn in on the screen
but it does take a while '(14 days or so ) if its a bad burn.

another solution is that MP could have a screensaver as a plugin that would start after 5 min of inactivity.
so that would correct the problem with lcd screen as well

But also it seems like that channel surfing can correct the problem aswell but yes that is anoying and if i had know the problem with plasma and lcd i would never have got me one.



I have a Panasonic pw4 42" plasma (now 2years old) that I use with my HTPC. I use it for dvd playback, internet surfing, paying music and game play as well as general tv watching and have not (up to now) noticed any screen burn. I think the whole screen burn issue has been blown out of all proportion. If you take the time to run the plasma screen in for a few hundred hours and use reasonable contrast and brightness levels it (screen burn) should not be an issue. In my opion channel logo's or dog's are far more dangerous because these can stay on screen for hours on end and there is nothing you can do about them. I personally will go out of my way to avoid channels with permament dog's ( even cacelled my sky sub). In short buy your plasma, use a bit of common sense with what you watch, chill out and enjoy it, in a few years time something new will be out and we will all be changing again anyway.


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omnione said:
If you take the time to run the plasma screen in for a few hundred hours and use reasonable contrast and brightness levels it (screen burn) should not be an issue

I agree somewhat... Plasmascreens are especially sensitive to burning when they're still new. I wouldn't use MP to much in the beginning, there are a lot of static images. But because of these static images I would still show some caution later on though.



It would be quite useful to plasma owners if there was a way to use the free LogoAway filter (see here) in MP. Or is there already a way that I'm not aware of?



This is the first I have heard about these logo busting programs but having visited the sites they seem to be more concerened with removing the logos during re-recording. If Lyxalig know's how to do it on the fly that would be really something. For the record I have a Jetway dvb/t card and use Zoom player to watch dvd's and any mpeg recordings. I asume ffdshow could be used with Zoom player, so Lyxalig how do we/I get this to work, or could you point me in the right direction for some instructions. Thank you in anticipation of your reply.


I had a 42" plasma on my htpc for over a year, and had no burn issues....and I played a LOT of games on it, some of them with graphics in areas which did not change a lot (like health bars, maps, etc).

I loved it, it rocked. It rocked so much, I am thinking about getting a bigger one.


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