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May 31, 2004
I also have a 37" Panasonic Plasma and I use MP on it since I bought it. There are absolutely no burning effects at all. My wife (and sometimes me too) often lets the MP home screen on the screen for 1 or 2 hours. Once we forgot it for 6 hours. Effect: NOTHING. I think it´s important to have a quality screen (no discount screens), and lower the brightnes and contrast a lot. I set it to 30%, and that´s enough.

Also the logo burning effect while watching CNN can´t be true. I don´t know how it is on CNN, but if the is a commercial here in germany, the logo isn´t there. So there is max. 30 minutes for the logo to burn in before a commercial break, and that is not enough. But the 5 minutes break is enough to normalize this part of the screen.


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January 21, 2005
Sydney, Australia
Re: LogoAway?

BishopZA said:
It would be quite useful to plasma owners if there was a way to use the free LogoAway filter (see here) in MP. Or is there already a way that I'm not aware of?

For anyone going to this page - there is a nasty Trojan on it!!!

Luckily NOD32 (the best virus app out there) caught it but others may not be so lucky so be warned!


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