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October 26, 2007
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My bad TLD - somehow v1.4.5 did not install, so when I checked I still had v1.3.2. Once I updated I could reproduce the issue. Yes, the Section visibility conditions have all changed. They no longer use control IDs (50-53) but SectionView properties (Overview, Details, Gauges, Summary).

Updated in aMPed SVN. Please verify if those work for you.

To modify your custom xmls all you need to do is find/replace (in the respective section xmls):
  • Control.IsVisible(50) -> string.equals(#HTPCInfo.SectionView,Overview)
  • Control.IsVisible(51) -> string.equals(#HTPCInfo.SectionView,Details)
  • Control.IsVisible(52) -> string.equals(#HTPCInfo.SectionView,Gauges)
  • Control.IsVisible(53) -> string.equals(#HTPCInfo.SectionView,Summary)
Or you could redo your customizations from the new aMPed skin files ofc. Thanks for catching/reporting that TLD.

ltfearme - It seems you don't need to keep the separate control IDs in HTPCInfo.xml anymore since they are no longer used for visibility. However, it doesn't seem to cause any problems if you leave them.

I did these changes and it still would not work so i went over it again and again and couldn't find anything i missed.

Then i restarted the computer and walla it worked. DOH

Thanks Dadeo.

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