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April 25, 2012
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1.3 is a beta release, and is not for daily use, expect to have bugs and problems, it is for testing purposes and also gives people a chance to try out new features that are not available in the official stable release.
No insult intended, just an observation that it should be fixed. I realize how hard all this is, and applaud your efforts.

Since Media Center is no longer included free with Windows 8, there may be many people trying MP who have no MCE remote, but who want to see if MP has value to them. The tryout needs to be as painless and frustration-free as possible.
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    Something to play with :p
    Pls note that the TV implementation is not good atm - needs some more adjustment, but as a hotfix sufficient enough ;)
    Tried with video (no TV on dev laptop) - works fine - thanks (y)

    Just a very minor thought - would it be possible to have the skip step value placed above the actual blue progress bar (instead of below it) - just makes it more prominent since it's then closer to the centre of the screen ?



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    For those not enjoying the EPG in TITAN esp the 11 line.

    A little test. Follow these steps carefully.

    Rename 'mytvguide.11rows.xml'
    in C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\Titan
    to 'mytvguide.11rows.xml.old'

    Reame a copy of 'mytvguide.xml' to 'mytvguide.11rows.xml' from C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\DefaultWide\Themes\TVGuide 11 lines (do this within this folder first)

    Now copy this over to the Titan folder above (if you get asked for permission to copy over another existing file then recheck your steps as you shouldn't)
    TITAN EPG 11 line test default wide merge.JPG
    Select TITAN and 11 lines in MP config or gui settings for your SKIN in MP and enjoy a taste of what this 11 line epg format shold be like.

    Now I know the scaling is out on a 1080 display even so this is so much better than the TITAN standards; if someone could scale the code this would be perfect.


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  • September 7, 2012
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    I also like the more clean Default Skin...
    ...and i also have some wishes:
    - Start screen sometimes shows the default backround picture (not the blue backround) - even with turned off standard backround
    - i selected "only basic home". After starting MP it shows classic home - with pressing h it switches to basic home.
    - is it possible to get the "exit-screen" with pressig arrow up? would make it easier than a lot of left keys...


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    The exit screen can be opened in topbar rightmost button.
    So you go up -> topbar opens, first button highlighted.
    Now go left -> exit menu button highlighted -> OK
    Not really fewer clicks, but an alternative... ;)


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  • September 7, 2012
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    Thank you, that i have found.
    It is a little inconsistent between classic or basic home - espacially with the fact that the basic home is shown after mp start - even i selected only classic home...
    one more thing to ask for change:
    in musik section the backdrops are not very good visible (in list view) - may be there would be a way to limit the width of the list to the max length of an entry?
    a comparable sitiuation is in list view of videos - the fanarts are not very good visible. but to be honest - i do not have a really good idea how it should look:unsure:

    Paul Shirley

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    November 3, 2008
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    2. When hitting 'enter' in the TV guide to set up a recording, the next screen has the recording options popup menu shown, but this covers part of the program list - so if there are several possible times/channels in the list you can't check if you have selected the correct one (basically the program list needs to move to the right so it's fully visible in this situation, I think).
    This would lead to extensive skin or even skin engine changes, because that menu is used in different cases and is therefore displayed in the middle of the screen.
    But it worked OK in the old MP 1.3.0 alpha version (and earlier), so what's changed ?

    Can I edit an xml to move the popup menu over to the right side of the screen instead (so it doesn't cover the date/time/channel information part of the listing) ?
    Bearing in mind the programme list is only centred in the sense that any full screen display is by definition also centred, bumping the popup right is an unreliable hack. One that will break the moment anything gets changed.

    I'd prefer reverting back to the tiled options+list view of previous versions. A popup will never allow reliable formatting of the panes and doesn't make much sense to me in this context anyway.[DOUBLEPOST=1355872740][/DOUBLEPOST]While we're discussing formatting problems: in defaultwide the recording conflict popup is misformatted, with options overlaying the programme list.

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