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June 15, 2012
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My problem:
It seems that my motherboard gave up the ghost. Since a while I had a problem that my htpc was shutting down itself or crashed with a bluescreen. Then the htpc rebootet itself or I had to reset it. In the last time the things were getting worse. Often when I startet the htpc I got no hdmi signal. But when it started after many many tries it crashed again. So I wanted to flash the bios. I formatet an usb stick (fat32) and put the bios file into the root and flashed. All went good and I got the message that it was flashed but after a reboot I get always automatically into the flashing utility again. I can't start Windows no more. I removed the bios battery, cleared cmos, disconnected no needed hardware or tried different key combinations but always without success.

Already existing hardware:
Motherboard: ASUS P8H77-M pro (defect!?!?)
CPU: Intel i3-3220T
RAM: 8GB Kingston ValueRAM Kit PC-12800U CL11
HDD: System: Crucial M4 256 GB / Media: WD10JUCT 1 TB
PSU: picoPSU-120-WI-25V DC/DC 120W
Optical drive: Sony OptiArc Slim BluRay
TV Card: Digital Devices Cine S2 v6 + Cine C/T + Digital Devices CI Modul
IR-Receiver: Y.A.R.D. 2
Case: Streacom FC9B
AVR: Pioneer VSX-521 + Canton Movie 65 CX 5.1 speaker
TV: Sony KDL-46NX715

The new motherboard should be energy efficient, quiet and a microATX size.
My system is a Windows 7 64bit with MP1. 60% I'm watching TV (generally HD), 25% watch movies (generally BluRays and HD) and 15% listen music. WiFi or Bluetooth is no must be for me. I'm also using a synology DS214+ server where I have stored my movie and music rips.
Today I already contacted the ASUS support but got no answer till yet. Nevertheless when they confirm that I need a new motherboard, I will be prepared. I know that my familiy will make me crazy when it takes long to repair the htpc. I hope I didn't forget something.

I'm looking forward for your suggestions.


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June 15, 2012
Germany Germany
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Last week I got an answer from Asus support. I should try to unplug the power supply, do a cmos reset and take out the bios battery. Unfortunately it didn't help. But the straight dope was that you can't exclude that the bios chip is defect. I ordered a new one from ebay with the lastet bios version to try it out and installed it and see what happened the pc starts up now. I payed almost 11€ and saved a lot of money. The problems that I had since years seem to be gone as well. This meens that probably the bios chip was defect when I bought the motherboard. Now I am very happy and will continue monitoring. Perhaps this can help someone.

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