1. Peter PROMS

    MP2 - V2.3 Crash when closing down from top left icon

    Before you create this bug report: Make sure that your system (Windows, codecs and drivers) is up to date, matching the Requirements and you've filled in your System Specs. Have a look at our MediaPortal Wiki! Maybe the solution is already there. Have a look at our Jira (Bug and Issue...
  2. badboyxx

    MP 1.22 final is crashing when jumping forward while playing DVD-Iso

    Can somebody confirm that MP is crashing when you jump forward with right arrow (5 sec.) while playing a DVD-Iso with internal player? Since I installed MP 1.22 final I noticed that behaviour, before it was ok.
  3. ajs

    Trakt crashed Mediaportal if no Internet in home lan

    Trakt crashed Mediaportal if no Internet in home lan: [2019-02-12 22:00:04,626] [Error ] [CheckConnection] [ERROR] - MediaPortal: Unhandled exception occured [2019-02-12 22:00:04,644] [Log ] [CheckConnection] [ERROR] - Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Ссылка на объект не указывает...
  4. haaitje

    Crashes when trying to add lyrics

    Hi guys, I've been using MPTagThat for as long as I can remember and usually it works like a charm, but today it keeps crashing on me. It involves two sort of errors (see my other post), It happened while using the build on my 64-but Win 10 Pro (1809) and it happened when using the...
  5. R

    Mp2.2 verschiedene (neue) probleme, server nicht gefunden, client stürzt bei tv ab, timeshift...

    Hallo MP-Team, in letzter Zeit häufen sich bei mir verschiedene Probleme seit der Umstellung auf MP 2.2: - Client stürzt regelmäßig beim TV-Schauen ab - Timeshift kann ab und an nicht gestartet werden - (aktiver) Server wird plötzlich nicht mehr im Netzwerk gefunden (Neuinstallation und...
  6. V

    [solved] Startup Crash if Video Folders not online/accessible. (default videos plugin)

    Hello. I've recently installed a fresh clean install of MP 1.18 and the latest StreamedMP. I have found that MP will crash upon startup as well as when entering/exiting the file explorer menu if the network location specified in Videos\Video Folders is not accessible (offline, asleep, etc)...
  7. coolblue

    [solved] MP2 TV Scan with TT2-3600 DVBS2 crashes

    Hi, I have a new install for MP 2.1.2 and Windows 10 Pro x64 on an MSI H110 / Intel Pentium 3.3Ghz System with 8 GB RAM. I use the Technotrend S2-3600 USB Interface with works very fine with MP1 and Argus-TV. But on MP2 it scans a while and then crashes the Server process. (See Screenshot)...
  8. drumrob

    Certain channels cause MP1.16/1.17/1.18/2.1.2 to crash. 1.15 works fine.

    Hey MP Team, thanks for the great work, keep it up! I have found MP to be the only reliable replacement since WMC. But I have had this problem which is preventing me from upgrading: This happens without exception after installation and scanning for Digital Cable channels when previewing with...
  9. B

    MediaPortal Crashes when loading a Movie. Just started happening.

    Just recently, Mediaportal (latest build and 1.15) hangs and crashes. I do not use TV server, I have Moving Pictures installed. I have tried using the original Skin and even dropped back a version. I thought it may be the way I encode my videos. I recently upgraded from Handbrake to...
  10. bta489

    [solved] MP freezing and crashing

    Hi there, The last couple of days my MediaPortal is acting up. The usual statement: I didn't change anything :rolleyes: . I perceived the first noticeable signs when I tried to switch from Music-Database-View to Folder-View and the listView was not showing any entries. Now, when I try to...
  11. badboyxx

    [solved] I need a new motherboard

    My problem: It seems that my motherboard gave up the ghost. Since a while I had a problem that my htpc was shutting down itself or crashed with a bluescreen. Then the htpc rebootet itself or I had to reset it. In the last time the things were getting worse. Often when I startet the htpc I got no...
  12. thebozz13

    MP crashes at startup if it isn't internet connection

    Hi guys!! I've a problem with MP.. it crashes at startup if it isn't internet connection.. I've streamedMP.. I do not know if it depends on some plugins.. I suspended INFO SERVICE but MP continues to crash.. Any idea?
  13. E

    Fresh Windows 10 install not working (1.13 / 2) - .NET problem?

    Crashes at start on MP 1.13 and MP2 cannot finish last step (when tries to start MP service). Seems like an .NET Framework problem, but I have installed 3.5 and 4.6 (comes with Windows 10), so I have no clue what's the problem. First log (Application eventlog) says: "30.1.2016...
  14. M

    HILFE: schwarzer Bildschirm / keine Reaktion nach ein paar Minuten MePo

    Hi Leute, seit ein paar Tagen, vllt. 1-2 Wochen (mir sind keine manuellen Änderungen bewusst, ich bin der einzige der das System betreut) wird auf einmal unser Bild schwarz, Ton ist ebenfalls weg. Weder Mausbewegungen noch Klicks oder Tastaturanschläge helfen hier, es bleibt nur der Hardreset...
  15. D

    MP2 unexplained crash/shutdown when trying to play DVD

    MP2 crashes when I try to play a commercial DVD rented from Redbox. Load DVD; open MP2; select "browse media"; get choice for DVD drive and attached hard drive with other media; select DVD drive; get small box with play button and message - no media item - while MP2 tries to load disk; briefly...
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