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May 4, 2006
Denmark Denmark
I made some changes to the script:
  1. Added partial match handling. As a side effect you'll get more matches even when there are exact matches.
  2. Added HTML entity decoding in various places.
  3. Removed direct-to-video (V) releases from exclude list.
  4. Added removal of commas from votes, as they are interpreted as decimal points in some countries.
  5. Added removal of pipe character from the end of taglines and plot outlines.

MP only appears to pass alphanumeric characters to the grabber in the title string (without the year, even if supplied in the file name). E.g. "The In-Laws (2003)" is searched as "the in laws", which only produces partial matches. Unless the way MP itself outputs the search strings is changed, the script cannot do anything about this. Displaying partial matches is a workaround.

The changes I made should address problems 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 in your list. You are welcome to try the attached grabber at your own risk :). As far as I could see, the only problem with the pipe character (|) was that it wasn't stripped from taglines or plot outlines.

Please note that I'm not a professional programmer nor am I the developer of this script. The changes I made may have some unintentional side effects that I have not foreseen.
Just stumbled over this thread searching for a solution to get IMDB rating showing other than "Unknown" in "Number of votes" and a 0 in "Rating".
As soon as the script was replaced both Number of votes and Rating are beeing grabbed from IMDB.
I suspect it has to do with regional settings and the format of numbers, all though i have tried to change regional settings to English (US) with no difference.
I live in Denmark, English XP, Danish language in MP (1.0) and Danish as regional, and are now getting all data from IMDB after replacing default script with yours, don't know why, but Thank You :)

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