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  • November 10, 2009
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    AW: Imon Display and MediaPortal !!

    I know Soundgraph is really doing some odd polictics, that I'm not able to understand.
    I upgraded to Imon 7.91.xx, where the mpdisplayplugin doesn't work anymore and it's not so important, because I'm using Fortherecord and the proper mp-client, where I had severe problems using the display. And there were also some before, when i.e going into standby with my machine, because the display still stood bright an so on.
    But that doesn't really matter, it's just a litte embarrassing, that the display in my Antec Fusion was never able to do its job, as it should have done. Soundgraph has just produced a lot of hot air (seeing their Roadmap ...) the last year and I'm really sorry about that - so my personal impression.


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  • May 5, 2009
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    I have always had trouble with Imon, and currenly have 7.60 working with the VFD only (using intelliremote and a different remote - mainly because I always have trouble with the imon pad remote constantly in mouse mode).

    I recently installed the the latest version of the imon software and the beta API patch which includes an option to "always use keyboard arrows", which I selected. For the first time ever this made the arrow keys work in keyboard mode instead of mouse mode in MP.

    Of course, by doing this, it has completely "broken" the VFD function. However, I then uninstalled the latest version of imon and reinstalled 7.60 and bizzarly, it the keyboard arrows are now working perfectly (i.e. not in mouse mode).

    Also, the remote switches between applications (such as PDVD run by multishortcut plugin) perfectly.

    I am not sure if this will work for others, but it seems to be a fix to all my woes.

    1. So to re-cap.
    2. Install imon 7.60 and re-boot.
    3. Configure MP minidisplay plugin (don't select any of the driver initialisation/reset/restart options).
    4. Install the latest imon software
    5. Install the imon beta patch.
    6. Edit the properties of imon to force keyboard arrows (also set up keyboard arrows to be used for applications - mediaportal.exe)
    7. Check keyboard arrows work with MP
    8. Uninstall imon
    9. reinstall imon 7.60
    10. Configure the imon manager (remote functions etc)
    11. Ensure mp minidisplay plugin is still working
    12. Run MP


    Ultimatelly, from what I can tell (from a statistical sample of 1 ;)) the remote control functions perfectly with the latest version of imon with API patch, I understand the reluctance to waste time on imon (from a dev perspective), but it may be a good platform to build the VFD function onto.



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    August 18, 2005
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    AW: Imon Display and MediaPortal !!

    Oh Soundgraph has released a official Update.

    Release date: Mar. 17, 2011

    [ iMON Manager ]
    1. [New Feature] Apply iMON Display API
    - "Display Plug-in Mode" option is added in "iMON Manager > Option > Plug-in Mode"
    - 3rd party application controls VFD/LCD directly with Display Plug-in Mode
    - The previous VFD API applied to some old VFD modes is not supported anymore.
    2. [New Feature] "Scan Installed Programs" button is added to iMON Manager > Settings > Program Command
    3. [New Feature] Add iMON setting file (imo file) for TMT5 and add to program scan
    4. [New Feature] The remote supports TMT5 plug-in for Media Center
    5. [Bug Fix] "Enter" of Front Button works as "Backspace" in OEM model that has Front Buttons on chassis
    6. [Bug Fix] If update and re-install iMON, volume Knob doesn't work
    7. [Bug Fix] It fails to get weather information and sometimes iMON crashes while checking weather information.
    8. [Bug Fix] If you press Full Screen button while TMT3 playing video, it change to fullscreen mode and windowed mode repeatedly.
    9. [Bug Fix] If mpc-hc 64 or PotPlayer64 is not installed in "Program Files" folder, iMON can't detect it through installed program scan.

    [ iMEDIAN HD ]
    1. [New Feature] Urls for Internet Radio station are updated
    2. [Bug Fix] mediainfo dll update (Sometimes iMEDIAN HD crashes on some video file during making library)


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    July 10, 2008
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    Sorry Chemilli, i thought that with the last update of iMon Manager it c0uld be possible...

    I'll watch out for news, thanks!


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    December 9, 2008
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    iMON Update was scheduled at Apr. 6. But it is being delayed for some issues. We’ll release it on next Monday (Apr. 11). Please wait little more. We feel sorry for this kind of delay.

    [Release Target] Apr. 11, 2011 (Official Version)
    1. [New Feature] HD Frame remote support with iMON products
    2. [New Feature] HD Frame information display on VFD/LCD products
    3. [New Feature] iMON sub apps (App Launcher, Task Switcher, timer, ...) apply Touch Frame UI
    4. [New Feature] Standalone installation file for iMON, iMEDIAN HD and HD Frame

    [Release Target] Not Fixed
    1. [New Feature] Virtual Keyboard Update (localized layout)
    2. [New Feature] iMON Remote Control API
    3. [New Feature] Text based track time display on UltraBay and ODM/OEM LCD
    4. [New Feature] Backward Text Scroll in Right to Left Language on UltraBay and ODM/OEM LCD
    5. [New Feature] 2-line text information display on UltraBay and ODM/OEM LCD
    6. [New Feature] Text scroll speed option on VFD
    7. [Bug Fix] In some systems iMON crashes after boot (Wininet.dll issue)
    8. [Bug Fix] Sometimes Media Player Classic Home Cinema information is not displayed.
    9. [Bug Fix] Display problems after waking up or in Away Mode (Media Center TV recording related)
    10. [Bug Fix] When logon with remote desktop, multiple instances of iMON.exe are running (Problem on display)
    11. [Bug Fix] When playing DVD with PowerDVD9 plug-in in Windows 7 Media Center, DVD Menu button doesn’t work well

    There isn't release date, but at lest the "iMON Remote Control API" is on the list.


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    April 17, 2011
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    AW: Imon Display and MediaPortal !!


    I've developed a MiniDisplay driver for iMON VFDs running the current version of iMON Manager (8.01.0419). It is using Soundgraph's iMON Display API. You can find it here:

    Be aware: It's for VFDs only. I don't have a LCD case and did not like the idea of providing some driver without testing...

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