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Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by mickyblue, March 19, 2006.

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    Just a couple of things about your great install guide....

    Windows 1.6. Remote Administration software
    I (and others in the MP community) use RDP to remotely control the HTPC, it's fine so long as you don't run the MP client. I also use the Sala terminal services patch to allow multiple logons to the HTPC, this way I can do admin even when it's in use.

    Windows 1.7. Network Drive Mapping
    I use UNC paths for all shared content, I create a share which is read-only to everyone, that way no drive mappings are required.

    Windows 1.8. Daemon Tools
    This section looks a bit light ;)

    Mediaportal 2.2. MPTray
    It might be good to link to this from the Mediaportal downloads section
    and reference the install detailed in that zip file, that way if this component ever changes you shouldn't need to update the instructions.

    Mediaportal 2.3. Skins
    A link to the skins pages on the MP homepage would be good.

    Mediaportal 2.4. Wallpaper
    Detail the location of the skin background file (<Skin>\Media\background.png).

    Mediaportal 2.5. TV Logos
    A link to the appropriate location on the MP downloads would be good

    Mediaportal 2.6 TV Guide Data
    A link to the WebEPG setup would be good

    Cosmetic Upgrades
    I also change the windows sound scheme to "No sounds", it adds to the feeling that it's not a windows PC underneath.

    Keep up the great work, more documentation is always welcome.
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    Cheers for the tips will add them in, i realise theres multiple ways to do most things with windows etc so its always good to have alternative methods aswell,

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