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January 13, 2009
I am not sure if this is the correct place to put this or not. I saw something in the forums reference something like the problem i am having but i couldn't find it again. Anyway, I am running aeon wide in MP 1.0 and in any text lists in tvseries the text is squished to the left hand side making several items overlap. I am not sure how this is occurring or how to fix it. Any information would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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    This is controlled by the View Format Settings as defined in Configuration, perhaps you used StreamedMP at some point which updates this based on its own TVSeries.SkinSettings.xml (or you manually changed it). If you change skins then you need format settings that work with that skin.

    I have created a Aeon Wide one here:

    Just ensure that it is installed in your skin directory. You should also ensure your using the Latest TVSeries SVN otherwise it wont load that file.

    This is only a new file, so not all skinners have had time to catch up and include it as part of their releases.

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