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If you have no hardware for off-air radio reception, you can still listen to Internet Radio streams. Also be sure that WindowsMediaPlayer 9 is installed.

For ShoutCast streaming:

To setup Internet Radio in MediaPortal:
  • Download the shoutcast source on sourceforge :
    Make a directory in the root of Program Files\Team MediaPortal\ShoutCast
    Copy the file to this directory.
    Open a Command Prompt in this directory, then type “regsvr32” to register it.
    You will receive a DllRegisterServer succeeded, if it was properly registered.
To Setup a Internet Radio Stream:
  • Make an InternetRadio Directory, i.e. My Documents/My Music/Internet Radio.
    Go to, and pick your style of music.
    Right Click on the Tune-In button and save the download file shortcut.
    Save it in your InternetRadio Directory, renaming it accordingly, i.e. Jazz.pls.
    Start MediaPortal, Goto: Tools, Options [F2], MyRadio.
    Set the StreamList Folder to your InternetRadio Directory
    No Off-Air Radio Stations need to be setup for this to function.
    Close the Setup dialog boxes.
Goto MyRadio, Select the file you had just downloaded, and it will begin to play.

Some streams may have different servers, and you may be presented with numbered icons. Select any one of them, with the most consistent stream. Program content will be the same on each.

A sample .pls file for Smooth Jazz Radio, is simply a text file with this info:

  • [playlist]
    Title1=(#1 - 115/500) - Smooth Jazz Radio Channel
    Title2=(#2 - 79/300) - Smooth Jazz Radio Channel
    Title3=(#3 - 29/100) - Smooth Jazz Radio Channel
    Title4=(#4 - 41/50) - Smooth Jazz Radio Channel
For Windows Media Streaming:

Both Internet Radio and Internet TV can be displayed with the ASX redirector.
Simply place the associated link file in the Internet Radio directory, and use MyRadio to open the file, and Audio [and video] will be played. Visualizations from MediaPlayer will be displayed or video from the stream, pressing “X” will make this full screen.

A sample .asx for Impress Tv Japan, is simply a text file with this info:
  • <ASX VERSION="3"><TITLE>AVStream TV Broadcasting</title>
    <BANNER HREF= "">
    <ABSTRACT>Your Choice in Online Broadcasting - visit us for viewing best Radio and TV programs form the World</ABSTRACT>
    <MOREINFO HREF="" />
    <Repeat Count = "10">
    <Ref href = "" />
    <Title>AVStream Impress TV - Japan</title>

You can rename the file MyGenre.asx, place it in your InternetRadio directory.

Open MediaPortal, My Radio, Select the file and it will begin to play. If it is only an audio stream and an Icon has been specified in the .asx, that will be displayed in the monitor. If it is both audio and video, the video will be displayed in the monitor.

Sample streams can be found here.


Is there a way to get shoutcast title streaming to work? Instead of streaming the title of the song that is currently playing, the port number used is statically displayed.


I have a question, when using myradio to stream internet tv stations, going fullscreen results in a tiny video playing in the center of the screen? Is there something I'm doing wrong? The streams I've been trying are windows media streams. (BBC)


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    thats because people are using radio in a wrong unsupported way.
    It was only meant for audio, not video.

    It will be possible to go fullscreen once this has been implemented in MyVideo's


    That makes sense. Thanks :)

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