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December 1, 2011

i´m using media-portal 1.1.3 and i installed ipimp. The Installation works fine. I have add an client configuration (Host-Name and IP), but if i want to connect to the client the error message was "kann nicht verbinden" (cannot connect). I have deactivate the Windows 7 Firewall, but it doesnt work.

Has anyone an idea?


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July 27, 2009
Belgium Belgium
I ran into the same issue. What I did was:
disable IPv6 on client and on server
disable firewall on client and on server
strictly use ip-addresses between client and server (no hostnames in the configuration)
everything works quite well except for 2 things:
- when using ipimp I every now and them have to go to the logon screen and go through the menus again for it to work
- when chosing "now playing" on the ipimp remote, my MP client freezes.
Note that I'm using most recent versions of MP1 and Ipimp.

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