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April 17, 2009
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Some aspects are relative to specific ISP, but you can consider that suggestion as a general one for the large case of MP-Server for any IPTV Providers. Purposes of this post is to : Share experiences and advices, Collect reaction from Developer and User, Reveal initiatives and responses So, maybe will be in the near future, an installation process including a generic “Recorder/Tuners : IPTV” using VLC (videolan program) VideoLAN - Free and Open Source software and video streaming solutions for every OS! or Mplayer or other software compatible with maximum number of IPTV Providers (like MythTv)

IPTV-Elecard TV Serve Plugin
I know and tested it on Mediaportal TV Server V1.01 - Finally working IP-TV solution for TV Server! https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/...nally-working-ip-tv-solution-tv-server-44158/
In France , 99% with 3 Providers = Orange (48%), Free (29%), SFR (22%), 1% for others - All provide IPTV - How to get IPTV using Videolan and a playlist - http://vlc-media-player.org/modules/xoo ... p?cat_id=2 - Orange http://vlc-media-player.org/m3u/orangetv.m3u - Free http://vlc-media-player.org/m3u/freetv.m3u - Neuf , AOL , Club-Internet http://vlc-media-player.org/m3u/neuftv.m3u - Alice http://vlc-media-player.org/m3u/alicetv.m3u

IPTV-Elecard works fine with with Orange, SFR, Neuf, but not for Free ISP

  1. Work with some ISP IPTV - Elecard use the NWSource-Plus driver (Rtp Udp/Tcp) http://www.elecard.com/products/compone ... der-plugin - Works with Orange, SFR, Neuf that use a standard protocol & multicast address 224< Multicast address <240 – and RTP/Udp - Ex: Tutorial pour regarder le bouquet TV Orange sur son PC ou Mac avec VLC
  2. Doesn't work with Free ISP http://free.fr for the Iptv-Freebox use Rtp/Avp/Udp Unicast with IP Adress and need to use a port like 31336 - Elecard provide a Rtsp-netSource driver that isn't used by IPTV-Elecard - Elecard Ltd. - Components table – I tried it with Graphedit, didn't work – That's confirmed in 2006 by Elecard Dont read rtsp stream with this message “We will add the support of this server in the next release of RTSPNetSource” but no news and don't work anymore
Others Solutions + MediaPortal Plugin(s) for UI – I tried a bunch.
The BIG issue is that's not possible to include Tv & Radio in TVServer with scheduling, recording, use “For the Record, ...etc.. )

MythTV - Is There a Solution working with Freebox? It seems that MythTV support multiple IPTV systems and Freebox (hereunder more information on mythv implementation)

http://free.fr more information about this ISP
Information http://www.free.fr/adsl/pages/accueil/p ... ox-hd.html - http://www.free.fr/adsl/pages/accueil/p ... vites.html - Free offer to customes

  1. Web TV http://tv.freebox.fr/ (detect if your IP is one of theirs)
  2. IPTV Streaming for all the computer with >150 Tv and >200 Radio channels – Them call this Iptv service “Free multiposte” or as usual, “freebox iptv”
Freebox specific – Dialog, Port management and Multiple active streams:

Some ISP use SAP to get the channel – For Freebox, there is three ways,

  1. get by program C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe --rtp-client-port 31336 "http://mafreebox.freebox.fr/freeboxtv/playlist.m3u"
  2. VLC/Playlist/more sources: display the Freebox Channels
  3. Get manual – Vlc, Open/Network = http://mafreebox.freebox.fr/freeboxtv/playlist.m3u
The Freebox Media Server providing the stream is outside and streams are handled by the Freebox Modem (mode bridge) There are firewall/router.
“http://mafreebox.freebox.fr/freeboxtv/playlist.m3u", 'mafreebox.freebox.fr' has for IP number “”, so not a multicast one. The streaming is a RTP/AVP/UDP UNICAST but with some specific dialog explained in Myth Site (see below)
Because the Firewall/Router, a Linux one for me, or FREE that provide a Router you can activate in the Freebox modem (linux boxset), you must specify the redirection of the port – Ex: on my Pc, i use a http(or rtsp):// This explain the “--rtp-client-port 31336” in Vlc command – To see a TV ex: France2 = rtsp://mafreebox.freebox.fr/fbxtv_pub/s ... flavour=sd
More than one port can be redirected to a specific Computer and so multiple stream can be display/record – example port-31336-31339. You can redirect to multiple computer on lan. Ex: 192.168.01. (port 31336-31339) 192.168.02. (port 31340-31343), ..

Provider and Xmltv – Xmltv as Mc2xml provide specific Lineup as for Freebox , Orange etc .

Capture Cards = For flexibility, MythTV uses a modular approach to internal architecture. This - unfortunately? - also means that the MythTV administrator - You! - has to get familiar with this architecture to make the most of his/her system, especially if it contains more than one single capture card! The first element in any mythtv system is the capture card(s): these can be actual TV cards (analog or digital), 'Virtual' IPTV cards such as the FreeBox recorder, or simply video capture cards connected to an external set-top box. All these cards provide a video feed to the system, and receive orders from the system to change their active channel(s), move a satellite dish, simulate a remote key press, you name it. One of the strengths of MythTV is that you can install several capture cards on your system and merge content from many different origins on the same box: DVB, Analog TV, IPTV, etc, and to allow recording a program (or several if you install more cards) while watching another.
Freebox : Note: The FreeBox patch that's in #1704 uses RTSP to receive IPTV streams from an ADSL box. However, this version uses a PLS "Playlist" provided by the box to discover channels, not SDP/SAP, thereby still needing a STB to tune. If we can make a version that uses SDP/SAP Discovery, this requirement will not be needed, and the "Tuner" can be made into a more generic "IPTV tuner". IPTV - MythTV - FreeBox - MythTV
Since december 2005, the TV channels are available via rtsp: protocol (MPEG2-TS), allowing free.fr's customers to receive the channels on their computer (using VLC). The Freebox recorder was added in MythTV-0.20. It allows MythTV to record/watch the rtsp: channels. # Added support for basic FreeBox recorders. Please see [10265] for more details. Changeset 10265 ? MythTV ? Trac This also works with any RTSP broadcasted TS MPEG-2 stream. Refer to #1704 for details. #1704 (Finish Freebox recorder) ? MythTV ? Trac Finish Freebox recorder #1704 (Finish Freebox recorder) ? MythTV ? Trac Add support for "udp:" urls in FreeboxRecorder #2152 (Add support for "udp:" urls in FreeboxRecorder) ? MythTV ? Trac
About IPTV - DVB-IPTV - MythTV - IPTV - MythTV (IPTV) - FreeBox - MythTV (Free IPTV) Sasktel IPTV - MythTV (Sasktel IPTV) SureWest IPTV - MythTV (SureWest IPTV)


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April 17, 2009
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Just tried a new solution DVBLogic - provider of digital streaming connectivity solutions DVBSBridge Pro for IPTV brings IPTV to your MediaCenter! - Support for UDP and RTP streaming

1st step) dvbsbridge_x32.msi is installed and configured, as a services,
2nd Step) Install DVBSBridgeIPTVPro.msi - provide a playlist.m3u (freebox one) - It detect 160 freebox Channels and produce a iptvbridge_channels.ini (Only TV)
50500 = 3,rtsp://mafreebox.freebox.fr/fbxtv_pub/stream?namespace=1&service=711&flavour=ld,554
52000 = 3,rtsp://mafreebox.freebox.fr/fbxtv_pub/stream?namespace=1&service=237&flavour=sd,554
601833 = 1
649833 = 1
... Channel are managed as Frequency ..

After that, going to Media-Portal TV Server Configuration, we can see two new cards

But, here stop the process because :
- can't access to the file ini needed to Scan channel
- don't have the adress i can use to access to the Server stream

to be continued ..

Second Round - find more information :So . I Try
- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\CaptureCardDefinitions.xml
- Include .. but why because MP-Server find the cards ... without
<capturecard commercialname="DVBSource" capturename="DVB-S MCE Bridge Capture Filter" devid="media">
<capabilities tv="true" radio="false" mpeg2="true" mce="false" sw="false" bda="true"></capabilities>
<interface cat="capture" video="3" audio="4" mpeg2="1" sectionsandtables="2"></interface>
<filter cat="networkprovider" name="Microsoft DVBT Network Provider" checkdevice="false"></filter>
<filter cat="tunerdevice" name="DVB-S MCE Bridge Tuner Filter" checkdevice="true"></filter>
<filter cat="capture" name="DVB-S MCE Bridge Capture Filter" checkdevice="true"></filter>
<connection sourcefilter="networkprovider" sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="tunerdevice" sinkpin="0"></connection>
<connection sourcefilter="tunerdevice" sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="capture" sinkpin="0"></connection>
4. Scan channels in MediaPortal (you may have to choose "Germany - All regions" on the "Autotune" tab)

But no Channel found ...
Maybe the 554 is the rtsp port ... so i changed to 31336 (me setting)
50500 = 3,rtsp://mafreebox.freebox.fr/fbxtv_pub/stream?namespace=1&service=711&flavour=ld,554

but no success .... all german or all french ..
to be contined ....


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    As cboury said in another post :
    You will have soon (WID) a plugin for playing video providers streams into MediaPortal.

    But, VODfr plugin is bigger than just playing providers streams, it can play all VOD streams simply by adding new sub-plugins wich are able to do specifically grab in needed sites.
    And, VODfr is not limited to one player for that.
    GUI plugin has buttons for changing views, going in TVGuide and, going in Kazer/WebEPGfr plugins if installed.

    The playing ability will only be client side.
    For the moment, there is no record function but, maybe later.

    I don't know what cboury think about that but, for me :

    - There will be no Server side dev for that because, it could crash TVServer, depending on your internet ADSL speed connexion, for example.
    And, I'm sure there are others major things to do inside TVServer before adding stream ability. :)
    - Also, if a record function will be developped, you will have only instant record, no programming record ability (at least, no public release).
    This is because of the law.
    Guys from wizzgo Wizzgo - Ma télé avec moi has been condemned to pay a heavy euros penalty to some TV compagnies wich doesn't like loosing advertising earnings caused by this ability.

    - Dev was done with Freebox V4 version.
    I just received the new Freebox V5 version this week wich can natively do most of you need .

    Hope this help.


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    February 17, 2010

    I also tried dvbsbridge ; it only fond some channels, but not all of them, even with a specific transponder scan, based on the ini file.
    For example, it finds "Game One" or "Nolife", but can't find "RTL9" or "AB1" channels, even if I can open those same channels in VLC.

    Do you know why Mediaportal can only find a few channels ?

    Actually, I had to put low def links in the ini file.
    It is wroking now ;-)


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    Re : IPTV Card (Generic & Specific IPTV Providers)

    Hi, Incogito,

    Open ports 3456 and 3457 in your "routeur". It's works very well !!!


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