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April 23, 2014
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I was using Mediaportal 1.16 to receive a multicast UDP stream (H264@14Mbps) from a device locally without issue. I recently upgraded the Mediaportal hardware (and with it from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and MP 1.16 to MP 1.20). Viewing the same stream now suffers discontinuities. I have tried to rule out other network elements by connecting with a crossover between the source and Mediaportal device with the same outcome. Using the older machine the stream is fine, using the newer device the stream is unwatchable due to discontinuities. I also downgraded Mediaportal TV server to 1.16 to align this, but the discontinuities remain. Running Windows 7 on the new device is not really feasible. Playback of the stream using VLC on both machines works perfectly.

Interestingly, if I increase UdpInternalBufferMultiplier in MPIPTVSource.ini substantially (from 8 to 512) I can achieve a period without discontinuties (30 seconds). Further increasing UdpInternalBufferMultiplier appears to lengthen the duration linearly. After this the playback becomes broken again. Increasing UdpInternalBufferMaxMultiplier appears to have no impact on this duration.

Any ideas? I'm guessing this is either a Windows 10 issue, or perhaps some kind of hardware/concurrency issue with Mediaportal (old CPU: dual core, new CPU: quad core). Does receiving the UDP stream into the Mediaportal TV server involve direct show filters (I realise playback does - but the discontinuities are identified before playback)?


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