IRSS+STB: Possible to blast 'Power On' when record starts, 'Power Off' when record ends? (1 Viewer)


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December 9, 2008

Is it possible to blast 'power on' command when a recording starts or you tune on a channel and 'power off' when recording ends or you stop watching the channel?

I'd love such feature, because my STB is iptv box and if it's left on its hogging a lot of bandwidth for nothing (esp. on HD channels).

I have a couple DVB-T tuners and Hauppauge Colossus, so the Power on and Power off blasting should happen only when Colossus is starting/stopping its channel. So that DVB-T recording would not start/stop the IPTV STB ;)

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December 10, 2017
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(Three years along, and no responses to this...? :confused: )

I've been asking myself this same question of late, and have been wondering about the possibility of running batch files instead of directly executing the blaster program.

Although I was thinking more along the lines of blasting the Power-on command before trying to change channels - since my satellite STB doesn't allow for coming out of standby mode with anything other than Power-On or Power-Toggle... :D


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August 27, 2014
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IRSS also provide a command-line tool to blast your predefined Blast-command: IR-Blast
First configure/register your blast commands in Translator (like: "Power-On", "Power-off"...).

The you could use batch file to call these commands using IR-Blast. See: IR Blast

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