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Dwayne Parsons

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August 22, 2018
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I've attempted setting up the IRSS Suite blaster software and on most attempts it will not learn any codes. On the initial setup attempt I got 0-4 buttons learned from my STB remote and then it just stopped giving me the ability to learn and the notification would just change directly to IR code not learned immediately. Subsequent attempts have got one or two buttons learned and then the same. The last two attempts I've made after uninstalling the app completely and trying it again from a clean install never learns any of my remotes codes. On the last two attempts the notification says it's ready to learn the IR code but it never does and now never goes directly to IR code not learned but it just sits until the learning mode times out. After about half a dozen attempts I've had to give up and ask the community for help.

Does anyone have a similar issue and how was it resolved?
IRSS v1.5.0.62
win 10 x64
ehome transceiver
Pace IPW800 HD IPTV stb

I've installed it using both methods one will never work and the other has only given the results mentioned above.
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