1. T

    How to add missing buttons

    So my project yesterday was to get my MCE remote working and perfectly mapped with the internal IR receiver of my Antec Fusion Remote case. I have pretty much succeeded using IRSS, great! However there is something I would like to know if I could do in a better way. There are some buttons on my...
  2. T

    IRSS not working with ITECIR (Intel NUC7 built-in IR)

    Hi all. Haven't been here in a long time, but I've been using IRSS for like 10 years now and I still love it! I know it's not really being developed anymore, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with using IRSS with an Intel NUC7 mini computer. It comes with a built in IR receiver that...
  3. D

    IRSS Suite not learning remote codes

    I've attempted setting up the IRSS Suite blaster software and on most attempts it will not learn any codes. On the initial setup attempt I got 0-4 buttons learned from my STB remote and then it just stopped giving me the ability to learn and the notification would just change directly to IR code...
  4. curmudgeon

    Have Inteset USB IR Receiver and a remote. How to get remote working with MP Player 1.17?

    I have two Dell 990s, one is my MP player machine, the other the MP video recorder/server. Purchased Inteset USB IR receiver ( and plugged it in. For the remote I want to use to control my MP player...
  5. C

    Harmony 650 with USBUIRT Receiver

    Hi I have a Harmony Remote 650 model and a USB-UIRT IR receiver and I would like to get all the functionality of using a remote with Mediaportal working correctly. Specifically I'd like to be able to import mappings that for example when I'm in fullscreen TV and I press the guide button I get...
  6. R

    [solved] How to get your iMon working with MP2 + IRSS

    Since i switched to MP2 i had serveral issues getting my Harmony Remote (configured as MCE Remote) working nice with my build iMon Reciver and Mediaportal 2 using IRSS. But i got it solved! Due to, there's no real tutorial i just want to give some hints how i done it. So what do you need: - iMon...
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