Is it possible for multiple clients to play the same music at the same time in sync automatically? (1 Viewer)


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March 27, 2013
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Just wondering if there is anyway of getting all my client pcs to play the same music at the same time in sync with one client pc being the master in control?

I am wondering if eventghostplus and eventghost can be used but i fear there would always be lag...

Is this something that MP can do natively - i have network cables in each room before we plastered the house.. but it didnt cross my mind to run speaker cables!!


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    This is a feature that MP can't currently do. It might be something that could be provided by a plugin, but there is currently no such plugin.

    There maybe 3rd party programs that can provide support for this, I know something like this exists for PC->iOS/Android, so you can have sound from both PC speakers and an extra 'cellphone speaker' Your best bet is google search. The other option is you stream music from your main PC, and you have 2 clients connected to the stream (main PC + extra PC) both connect and playback the stream, VLC can do this.
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