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    I am continuing with my tweaks to the "DefaultWide" skin, and have got to a panel where the "Virtual Standard Keyboard" is displayed when needed. Now I would like to change some of the elements on the panel when the virtual keyboard is present. The keyboard is defined in "StdKeyboard.xml", which has a window id of 1002. So I tried adding this to the relevant panel elements:

    The problem is that this does not work. :( Hmm. So then I decided to output on the panel the value of "#currentmodule", and the value of the recently-discovered (yesterday!) "#currentmoduleid". This what I got. The first screen shot shows the panel before displaying the keyboard; it shows these values:

    #currentmodule: Search TV Guide
    #currentmoduleid: 604

    The second screen shot shows the panel with the virtual keyboard on screen; it shows these values:

    #currentmodule: Virtual Standard Keyboard
    #currentmoduleid: 604

    The name of the current panel changes, but the window id does not! :confused: So that explains why "window.isvisible(1002)" does not work.

    search_tv.jpg search_tv_plus_keyboard.jpg

    The next possibility was to use the value of "#currentmodule", since that does change when the keyboard is on the screen. I have used "#currentmodule" successfully on the LABEL tag, so I thought that I would try it on the VISIBLE tag. But that does not work either -- the outcome is always the same (never changes). :cry:

    So, has anyone found a way of detecting whether the virtual keyboard is on screen and modifying the panel content accordingly? Thanks.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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