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October 8, 2008
I am currently having issues with standby using my current nova t500 card as many people have had and hopefully should fix them tomorow by setting a 30 sec delay before mp startup etc... However i have another tv tuner in my gaming pc which i use as a capture card and was wondering if i could do this:
Could i set up mediaportal to use my other card as the first card and then use the nova t500 as second and third
For example could i start mediaportal immediately after resumes and start watching tv using my other card a it would be labelled as the first card and then if i needed to record something it would use the nova t500 as it would be the free card and by that time it should have recovered from standby... or would the tvservice still not be able to use the t500 because it hadn't recovered from standby when the tvservice was started...

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