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    Hi everyone.

    Some time ago, I uninstalled Windows Media Player from my Windows 10 Pro HTPC because I figured I didn't need it, without thinking about MP's requirements. I went to "turn Windows features on or off" in Control Panel and unchecked it under the "Media Features" section. I did not uncheck the Media Features box itself. MP continued to work just fine so I didn't think about it.
    Then recently I upgraded to 1.21 and it warned that Windows Media Player was missing. This surprised me as it was working fine without it since I uninstalled it, but I downloaded the install file manually from your server, however it wouldn't install because of an error about Package Manager being deprecated and telling me to use DISM. I clicked OK and MP's install continued anyway and everything was still just fine like before the upgrade.

    So here's my question: is Windows Media Player itself really still needed under Windows 10 for MP to work, considering it works just fine when you uninstall it as long as "Media Features" is still ticked in the Windows features? And if it is not, would it be possible to change the installer so that on Windows 10 it checks if the Media Features package is installed instead of WMP itself?


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