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  1. J

    Copying Old VHS tapes

    Hello. I just installed Media Portal 2 on my Win 10 Home PC, a HP Envy 23 all-in-one. I had to install the Windows pack and the dxwebsetup.exe in order to make it work. The PC has a 75 ohm coaxial input, and I downloaded MP2 to act as a media center-type interface so I can play my old family...
  2. rsbrux

    Operating System Win 10 vs. 8.1

    My HTPC has run pretty well for years with Win 7 Pro x64, but since MS is dropping support and a few problems have cropped up, I plan to install a newer OS (not upgrade). I am comfortable with Win 8.1, having used it for years on my laptop. Furthermore, I have seen more posts here about...
  3. D

    [solved] HID remote for mp2 and w10 64 bit? using all tools: sony, cisco, homeworkx ng

    IR Receiver blinks red and IR receiver has correct drivers. Wired keyboard and mouse work fine. No mapping shows on abstract remote map creator, translator, while trying to use IR Server Config. I prob won't use TV, but I did use TV config. System works great with combined server/client. Need...
  4. el Filou

    Is Windows Media Player still needed on Windows 10 ?

    Hi everyone. Some time ago, I uninstalled Windows Media Player from my Windows 10 Pro HTPC because I figured I didn't need it, without thinking about MP's requirements. I went to "turn Windows features on or off" in Control Panel and unchecked it under the "Media Features" section. I did not...
  5. Patrik-See

    Win 10 Benutzer bei verschiedenen Clients

    Hallo zusammen, ich möchte mich morgen daran setzen bei mir im Haushalt von MP1 auf MP2 umzustellen. Im gleichen Zuge kommen auch noch ein paar neue Clients hinzu. Wie verwendet Ihr die Benutzer unter Windows 10? Jeder Client sein eigenen Benutzer Akkount oder auf allen der gleiche?
  6. Dr Morris

    MP1.18 has crashed sometime after TV and AVR is turned off

    Hi all, I've always had occasional difficulties with MEPO presenting me with a "stopped working" whenever I turn on the TV and AVR. Everything is fine when the TV turns off and this in turn uses HDMI to turn off the AVR. When turning things on, the AVR is turned on and then the TV using a...
  7. niKoN

    Integrate Windows 10 app to home screen

    Hi there, I'm using MP 1.17 with Windows 10. Now I wondered if it is possible to start a Windows 10 app from within MP. In best way I would like to have a new major button on the home screen like "TV", "Videos", etc. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, niKoN
  8. T

    Solved - New Install 1.15.0 Starting TV Crashes MP - WIN 10 HDHOMERUN

    Hi guys I am a newbie to MP, I generally use Windows MCE. So far I have had the same issue for both MP2 which I installed then uninstalled to try MP 1.15.0. I have managed to watch some stored vids on my NAS just to check and make sure all was kinda working. I have run the TV Configuration and...
  9. HTPCSourcer

    Win 10 1607 Anniversary Update

    Hi, hat schon jemand das Anniversary Update erfolgreich installiert? Auf meinem WSUS (Server 2012) werden zwei Dutzend "Functional Upgrades" für das Anniversary Upgrade angeboten, Es ist unklar, welche(s) davon für meine Clients benötigt wird. Auf einer Maschine habe ich das 1607-Upgrade zu...
  10. G

    Removal of Windows 10 "sleep" feature

    Within the past few days, I have read at least one online report that states that, when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update takes effect, the "sleep" state capability of Windows will vanish, never to return. (IIRC, the online source was ZDNET.) Since this could potentially have a significant...
  11. Y

    "No signal" when scanning for channels

    Trying to set up an HDhomerun tuner with windows 10, using all of the same settings that worked under windows 7. I'm unable to find any channels. Reports "No signal" for every channel scanned. I can scan and watch all channels with the HDhomerun view application. Also, when running a...
  12. G

    Feature Request: System Tray/Taskbar recording indicator

    I'd like to see some sort of recording indicator in either the system tray, the taskbar, or both. That way, I wouldn't be risking trying to view a video while a recording is underway which I fear could cause some sort of internal conflict. After all the trouble I had getting MP 1 up and...
  13. Charlie TV

    MP 1.15 and Windows 10 - Live TV - Out of sync spiral of death

    Hi all, I have a MP server with the TV tuners (plus RAM Disk for the buffer) and one MP client. I recently rebuilt the MP client end to Windows 10 (the MP server is running Win7) everything seemed to be fine but I'm getting an issue while watching Live TV. The audio starts to go out of sync...
  14. Charlie TV

    [solved] Hama Remote - Pause Button

    Hi All, I've rebuilt one of my MP clients from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and using 1.15 pre-release which seems to be working well. I found a thread that suggested that I don't need EventGhost and I'm now using the Sceneo but the Pause button doesn't work. Is there anything I can change to fix...
  15. TiVo

    MP2 - Spring'16 Unable to play Windows Media Center (WMC) Files (.wtv)

    I recently installed Media Portal 2 Spring 16 on three computers. "Living Room" is a server and client running on a fresh install of 64bit Windows 7 with the free Windows Update to 64bit Windows 10. "Living Room" plays .wtv files. "Bedroom" has just the client installed. It is a long standing...
  16. R

    TerraTec H7 tuner & Windows 10 crash

    I have recently upgraded my HTPC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Unfortunately, the TerraTec H7 drivers apparently do not support Windows 10; Windows crashes with a blue screen whenever I try to use the tuner (both in MP or the TerraTec DVBViewer). I have already sent an email to TerraTec to...
  17. rsbrux

    Client Connection Problems

    I have an Intel Compute Stick running Windows 10 set up as a second MP1 client (the first one is on the same machine as the TV Server). It was working (kind of) briefly, but after a Windows update, it no longer connects with the TV Server. Even when it was connecting to the TV Server, the TV...
  18. Stéphane Lenclud

    Operating System TV power cycle messes up Desktop Icons

    Since Windows 10 TH2 upgrade from November 2016 my desktop icons reorganized themselves whenever I turned my HDMI TV off and back on. For a long time I could not figure how to fix that problem, I even had a Microsoft tech support looking at it for a few hours without being able to fix it either...
  19. D

    Blue screen with MP2

    Hi, I am having problems. :-( I attempted to install MP2 from the download page but it was failing as it was trying to install DirectX. I found a link to another version, MediaPortal-2__origin__WiP_SR15_U1_v4__2015-08-03--17-01 (if that's any help). Now, this version installed but once I...
  20. H

    Live and Recorded .TS playback errors

    I am a relatively new MediaPortal user. I was forced to change when Windows Media Center was left out of Windows 10 and I upgraded. The Wiki and forums have been useful helping me get everything setup so I've been succesfully using MP1 for a few months now on two computers with the same...
  21. G

    Installation schlägt fehl

    Hallo, ich habe versucht, MediaPortal 2 zu installieren (Summer '15 Update 1 Release). Bevor Daten auf die Festplatte geschrieben werden konnten, habe ich jedoch die Fehlermeldung "0x80070643 - schwerwiegender Fehler bei der Installation" erhalten. Ich habe auf dem Rechner vorher das Update...
  22. G

    [solved] Fernbedienung funktioniert nicht

    Hallo, ich habe MediaPortal 1.12.0 neu installiert und es klappt auch alles, mit Ausnahme der Bedienung per Fernbedienung. Ich benutze den TV-Tuner Happauge HDR-4400 mit der mitgelieferten MCE-kompatiblen Fernbedienung. Vorher hat unter Windows 7 mit Windows Media Center alles wunderbar...
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