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May 5, 2012
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I have a few issue's that I can not not figure out for the life of me.

1) When I try to stream movies there is no sound, but when I watch them on MP there is. Also it is not all my movies just select one's. All my movies are in the same format. After some further digging even though the are all mp4, they arent all the same type mp4. Sorry
2) I have a couple of recordings and when I try to watch them in flash or vlc using WebMP there is no picture but there is sound. I noticed they are ts file's so do I need to change something in the TV Server to make them something else? Just started working tonight after tweaking some things. Not sure what tweak fixed it but it is fixed.
3) When I try to download it try's to go to the localhost port. I saw a thread with a solution and also that the issue was fixed in MPExtended 5.0 but wanted to go ahead and list it here for people with the same issue.

As I am current away from my machine I can not post logs but will post them as soon as I can. Any help or ideas to try would be much appreciated.

Here are the logs i promised
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