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October 10, 2012
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Having allsorts of issues with MP extended already detailed my issues but no one has replied in the other posts. When I use final release MP extended playback on iPhone/iPad is stuttering and unwatchable. This is because Ffmpeg isn't an option. When we use the beta core and web side versions iPad/iPhone playback doesn't work just shows timing out and won't load under Ffmpeg. But works fine under windows on flash etc. We downgraded the web side of things so it intermittently works now and iPhone/ iPad playback is spot on when it works but every few hours were having to restart the service as we lose links to recordings and TV guide etc. If you manually type in the address links in your browser address bar to these they are accessible and work but for some reason the links do not show up at the top of the screen, where they should be see pic attached...

Antivirus has all exceptions, and ports are correctly opened on router. I wasn't expecting it to be the firewall or the ports anyway as a restart of the service seems to make it work again. Films tabs will always show as well when the issues occur the films just don't play though and come up with that error. The recordings and TV guides tabs dissapear though and sometimes don't appear with that first restart of the service.

I have tried on both 3G and wifi connection, these issues do not occur when using the latest final build of mp ex. However it's not watchable on iPad or iPhone due to the streams being jittery which seems to be a known issue on the forums.

We had to downgrade the web side of things to ensure some functionality so the only bit that is on the beta is the core part. When both were on the beta nothing would play back on iPad or iPhone.


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