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October 28, 2004
Netherlands Netherlands

I use a DIGN HV5 case and it has a VFD built in that is controlled through the parallel port. Will VFD's also be supported? Since I'm no expert on this, I wonder if sending messages to a LCD is much different from sending it to a VFD.

Grts, Dave


drullens said:
I use a DIGN HV5 case and it has a VFD built in that is controlled through the parallel port. Will VFD's also be supported? Since I'm no expert on this, I wonder if sending messages to a LCD is much different from sending it to a VFD.
No one will send messages to the LCD! :wink: Well, MediaPortal wont. The plugin will send the messages to one/all of the many existing LCD softwares. This LCD software then will send the data to your display.
So you'll have to find a LCD software that supports your display.

Here's a list to start with:

Good luck!


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September 21, 2004
@HdWagner and all

has anybody met Frodo on IRC #mediaportal Efnet and discussed with him the implementation of the LCD support? I think at the actual status that`s the only way to go.

My Mediaportal case / new hardware will be ready within the next two weeks. I hope I will have something to eat for my GLCD-Display. :D
Frodo and HdWagner you are our heroes!!! Please help me/us if you have the time! :wink:


trosty said:
Infos about what you are watching (station name, broadcast, position) or listening to (artist, title, time (left)) are nice gimmicks for a display, but you are absolutely right: What is really important is the menu-function to select playlists to listen to, turn on the raido or maybe program the VCR via EPG without turning on the tv.
For these gimmicks I want an LCD plugin. I have a Pollin kit here (still didn't have the time to assemble it though) and want to put this LCD in my MSI Hermes.

For me, it should:
- display date, time, free space, CPU usage when idle
- When playing music, display artist, title, position, length and album info
- When playing video, display video title, length, position and a progress bar
- When looking at photos display filename, number of current picture and number of pictures totally in list/directory
- When watching TV, display station name I watch, name of the broadcast, type (e.g. Action movie), progress bar and time in a small font
- When recording a show, display station name, show name, progress bar, show type and time
- In program guide mode, display currently highlighted program (station name, show name, show type, time to start, length and the like)


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August 3, 2004
CoolHammer said:
@Schmidti: May I ask where / how did you get your lcd. Is it connected via USB?
If you tell people in which country you live i am sure they can tell you where to get hold of a lcd display. Most lcds are connected via paralell port or the com port. There are usb lcds available too, but they are more expensive and in my opinion no better than the paralell/com port ones. Besides you probably have more use for your usb ports than your com ports right?



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  • April 22, 2004
    The Netherlands
    Netherlands Netherlands
    ok, its time LCD find its way into Mediaportal
    i would like to discuss how todo this with hdwagner,
    so maybe we can meet on irc, msn, mail??


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